We made more than 500 phone calls!

Republican Party of MN Victory Center 2014
EAGAN, Minnesota, July 21Senate Distirct 54 Night at the CD2 Victory Office was a great success. We made over 500 phone calls to potential voters in CD2. Faye Hatch (SD54 Secratary) made the most calls and receives our first Champion for the Cause award! Stay tuned for the next SD54 Night at the CD2 Victory Office in Eagan, and become our next Champion!

Visit the Eagan Victory Office page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoryMNEagan

What is a “Victory Office”?

The Republican Party of Minnesota is furnishing a statewide network of nearly 20 Victory Offices that will be centers of activity in support of our endorsed MNGOP candidates this year.

These offices will host a full-time staffer coordinating telephone and door-to-door outreach for our endorsed candidates, serve as warehouses for campaign materials up and down the ticket, and serve as an important meeting place and nerve center for BPOU activities. MNGOP Victory Offices will serve as vital staging locations for an aggressive Voter ID, advocacy, and GOTV effort for our endorsed candidates, both in the primary and general elections.

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