Watch this video showing Janis Quinlan candidate forum

Janis Quinlan Candidate Forum Decision 2012On Thursday, September 13, Senate District 54 candidate Janis Quinlan appeared in a televised candidate forum on Town Square Television, the local community cable TV channel 14.

Quinlan is our Republican endorsed candidate for Minnesota State Senate District 54 which includes the communities of Newport, St. Paul Park, Hastings, Nininger Township, South St. Paul, Grey Cloud Island, Afton, Cottage Grove, Denmark Township, and St. Mary’s Point.

A recording of the entire candidate forum is posted near the bottom of this page.

Listed below are Janis Quinlan’s responses to the forum topics. To read the other candidate responses, read the live blog of the forum.

Topic #1: If you are elected or re-elected what is your top priority?

Quinlan: My first priority would be jobs … and making a positive environment for small business owners … if we do that, jobs will come.

Topic #2: Voter ID and Marriage amendments

Quinlan: “I’m Catholic and I believe in one-man, one-woman … secondly, it has been proven that MN is #1 in voter fraud and we need to do something about it.”

Topic #3: Term limits

Quinlan: “Our founding fathers created our constitution to have government as a position that people would not serve for life … I think you don’t understand what people go through on a daily basis if you’ve been in government for longer than 3-4 terms”

Topic #4: How would you create jobs in MN?

Quinlan: “As a small biz owner, we need to figure out how to get businesses to come into our district … getting them in the door would be the first priority … the red tape biz owners have to go through to get started is really difficult.”

Topic #5: Should corporations be able to contribute to campaigns?

Quinlan: “I don’t see anything wrong with it … if you are an entrenched politician and you have the ability to lobby those groups it makes it difficult for people like me.”

Topic #6: How would candidates address unfunded state pensions?

Quinlan: “I think we’ve gotten to the point where we can’t afford the large pensions … we are going to go bankrupt and we’re going to do it in a hurry … we need to bring our public pensions closer in line with those in the private sector. ”

Topic #7: What should be done to curb invasive species in MN rivers?

Quinlan: “Tourism is huge in MN … our family has a cabin up north and we do a lot of fishing … this is near and dear to my heart … we need to figure out the best ways to address this without spending too much money … it’s going to be very ugly and it’s a serious problem.”

Topic #8: What is your stance on MN being a right-to-work state?

Quinlan: “I believe in right to work … there is nothing wrong with unions but I also believe in a person’s right to choose to be in a union or not … I’m a liberty person and I believe you don’t need to do that if you don’t want.”

Topic #9: Improve education in MN?

Quinlan: “One thing I do believe in is a voucher system … parents should have a right to decide which school their kids go to … vouchers create competition and that creates better teachers.”

Topic #10: How do you propose to overcome gridlock at the Capitol?

Quinlan: “I agree that you need to hear both sides of an issue … when I speak to clients I give them both sides of the aisle … I think you can discuss the issues in a meaningful way and get things done.”

Topic #11: If you could increase/decrease funding on one thing what would it be?

Quinlan: “I don’t think we can afford to increase funding on anything but if I had to choose it would be on job creation.”


Quinlan: “It is really important to the future of our children to get the economy going … without the economy we don’t go anywhere.”

View this recording of the televised forum:

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Candidate Forum – Dist. 54 MN Senate & Dist. 54A MN House

About Town Square Television:

Town Square Television is the local community cable TV station serving the seven cities of Northern Dakota County, including Inver Grove Heights, Lilydale, Mendota, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul, Sunfish Lake and West St. Paul. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation partnering with many volunteers and organizations to provide seven channels of truly local television programming, including high school sports, music, arts, local government, multi-faith, education, news and politics, chambers of commerce, and complete coverage of community activities and events in the seven cities.

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