Volunteer. Donate. Let’s go!

November 6, 2012 is quickly approaching!

With yesterday’s primary election behind us, it is full speed ahead to the general election! We need your help to win in November.

2012 is not just any election. What happens if we don’t fight for conservative principles?

A DFL controlled legislature would be devastating for our Minnesota families and businesses. Be assured, a DFL legislature would focus on increasing regulations on Minnesota’s small businesses, raising taxes, and increasing spending. The result would be less jobs and less prosperity for our state’s residents.

We cannot risk a DFL controlled Minnesota legislature.
Conservative reforms are up to us.

If we don’t send Republicans to Saint Paul, we’re all responsible for the consequences. We need Republican majorities in the state Senate and in the House of Representatives.

The choice this election is clear. We’ve passed one milestone and now we are heading to November.

Volunteer. Donate. Let’s go!

It’s time to ramp up our efforts to get our local Republican candidates elected!

Contact Derrick, Janis, and Denny and let them know you want to help!

Derrick Lehrke for Minnesota House District 54A

Derrick Lehrke for House District 54A
Email Derrick@vote4derrick.com

Representative Denny McNamara (R) District 54B

Denny McNamara for House District 54B
Email Rep.Denny.McNamara@house.mn

Janis Quinlan for MN State Sentate District 54

Janis Quinlan for Senate District 54
Email Janis

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