Video: Meet Denny McNamara – House District 54B

Learn more about MN House District 54B Representative Denny McNamara. Watch this short video! Vote for Denny McNamara on November 4.

Denny McNamara – House District 54B from SWCTC on Vimeo.


Hello I’m state representative Denny McNamara and I’m seeking reelection to Minnesota House district 54B.

As a successful small business owner for thirty years, an active member of the community, and your state representative for the last 12 years, I’ve learned that we need more commonsense leaders who understand the impacts laws have on the everyday citizens like you and I.

I continue to offer that kind of leadership.

Many of our families continue to struggle financially. As some have lost their jobs or are underemployed as they deal with reduced hours at work. I am fully aware that you need to keep more of your paycheck during these trying economic times, not less. That’s why I’m committed to protecting your pocketbook and fighting for you at the state legislature.

As the Republican lead of the House Environment Energy and Natural Resources Finance Committee, I am proud of my bipartisan work exemplified by my house-leading 75% bipartisan vote record.

We also need to do more of a better job of prioritizing our spending.

I believe that educating our children is the number one priority of the State Legislature. I feel it is important our children have access to the quality education they deserve.

We also need to prioritize those who are unable to take care of themselves such as our developmentally disabled and elderly residents.

As your state representative, and a citizen of the community, I have made it a high priority to communicate with my constituents as demonstrated by my many hours of door knocking in the neighborhoods. I value the input I have received from my annual surveys and session reviews mailed to you, your phone calls and emails, and community meetings. As in the past twelve years, I will continue to be accessible and available in addressing your interests and concerns.

In my bid for reelection I am proud to again be one of the few legislators or candidates who has never taken any campaign money from special interest groups, lobbyists, or PACs.

Together, we can make our community a better place to live work and play.

I am again asking for your support. Please vote to reelect representative Denny McNamara on November 4th.

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