The Minnesota Legislature has lost its focus!

mngop From the Republican Party of Minnesota:

With less than two weeks remaining in this year’s legislative session, everyday Minnesotans are right to scratch their heads. None of the major budget bills have passed the DFL-controlled Legislature.

Instead of working to solve the budget and reform state government like they promised, the DFL is catering to special interest groups on non-budgetary, and very divisive, issues.

  • Forcing childcare workers into a union will not solve the budget deficit.
  • Dictating to local schools and teachers by imposing a one-size-fits-all policing regime in the name of anti-bullying will not fix state government.
  • Adopting Obamacare early, before it’s even ready, is not creating a long term sustainable budget.
  • Advancing gay marriage without hearing the bill in many of the committees of jurisdiction and without even considering the alternative solutions put forward by Republicans is not making government more efficient and productive.
  • Passing pay raises for themselves is not going to fix health care costs.
  • Raising the minimum wage well beyond the federal level will not create jobs in Minnesota.

The DFL has lost its focus on the basics of funding our priorities. They have lost their focus on the average person in Minnesota, and are more concerned with heeding the well-funded and highly effective lobbying interests that seem to run St. Paul and Washington and that ran their campaigns.

No place is more telling than the union-led push into child care. These small businesses are finely tuned to the needs of the parents and children they serve. Increasing child care costs and taking away their flexibility will be a blow to the thousands of providers and hard-working families across the state.

Today the DFL-controlled Senate Finance Committee will vote AGAIN on the forced unionization of child care bill.

This bill died on a tie vote on Monday in the Senate Finance Committee, but in a repeat of the Senate Tax Bill last week, the DFL leadership is bringing it back for another vote today.

Whose vote will the DFL leadership force to switch this time?

It will be hard for them to withstand the pressure. This is the top legislative priority for the state’s largest unions, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). In the 2012 election, AFSCME gave over $1.6 million to Democrat candidates and causes and SEIU gave over $1.1 million. They want this bill forced through the legislature to grow their membership and power, even though nobody in the industry wants it.

Please contact your legislators and tell them your views on this issue!

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