South Saint Paul Republicans endorse Marschinke, Meck, and Schaefer for city council

Vote Marschinke, Meck, and Schaefer for South Saint PaulOn September 14, 2012, South Saint Paul members of the Senate Districts 54 and 52 delegations gathered at the Croatian Hall for purpose of considering endorsement of our city council candidates. On an 11-1 vote, we approved the Republican endorsement of Shawn Meck, Mike Marschinke, and Nick Schaefer. The three of them are running on pro-business, Republican principles, trying to spur growth and eliminate waste in the city’s government.

From the Marschinke, Meck and Schaefer for SSP Facebook page:

We are three like-minded residents whom share a passion for our community and the wonderful City of South St. Paul. We, like many other residents, have many questions about the financial decisions that have been made by the current and past council members. We see that the burden continues to grow for the homeowners by imposing growing property taxes to pay for an abundance of questionable spending. While the city is under a burden of unprecedented debt, the status quo remains…raise taxes, spend more. We can see that the more debt the city accrues, the bleaker the outlook becomes for future generations and residents of South Saint Paul. We ask that on November 6, 2012, you don’t just choose to vote out those responsible for our current woes. We ask that you vote for three men who have a vision of greatness for our city. We thank you for your support and hope you let a friend know about the bright future for South Saint Paul!

Challenging the council’s longtime incumbents, Meck, Marschinke, and Schaefer have a strong knowledge of the city’s budget and activities, but will need our support to make their vision a reality. Please join me in lending help from the district to ensure our cities follow the fiscal discipline and responsibility we expect from our county and state governments as well.

Go on Facebook and “Like” Marschinke, Meck and Schaefer for SSP.

Visit the The official homepage of the campaign for Mike Marschinke, Shawn Meck, and Nick Schaefer for South St. Paul City Council.

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  • I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your support. We know that Republican principles combined with the right leadership and integrity will save our community. This is the perfect opportunity to show a city filled with Democrats, that it is fiscally sound principles that make a community great. We can do this with your help! If anyone would like to get a hold of me personally, my cell phone is 651-797-9221.

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