Representative Denny McNamara receives endorsement from the Minnesota Nurses Association

Denny McNamara receives endorsement from the Minnesota Nurses AssociationMinnesota House of Representatives candidate Denny McNamara (District 54B) has been endorsed by the Minnesota Nurses Association.

McNamara is seeking reelection in Minnesota district HD54B which includes the communities of Afton, Cottage Grove, Denmark Township, Hastings, Nininger Township, and St. Mary’s Point.

The MNA has 20,000 members in Minnesota and works to advance the professional, economic, and general well-being of nurses and to promote the health and well-being of the public.

The MNA periodically conducts screenings for candidates for elected office. The committee utilizes a set of objective criteria to make this determination. The criteria are as follows:

* Demonstrated leadership ability (measured by both elected and non-elected leadership activities).

* Support for MNA issues (measurement of how consistent the candidate’s views are with MNA on nursing practice, health care reform and health care spending, labor etc.).

* Candidate’s knowledge of nursing issues.

* Electability (measured by determining whether the candidate has secured other endorsements, how the candidate presents himself/herself to the public, fundraising to date etc.)

* Candidate’s history of supporting MNA (measured by bill authorship/co-authorship etc.).

* Candidate’s past history of taking political risk on behalf of MNA (determine whether the candidate is a supporter in hard times as well as good times).

* Accessibility (determine whether or not the candidate is likely to make themselves accessible to MNA and MNA members after being elected).

The Minnesota Nurses Association website is

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