Rep Tony Jurgens Capitol Update: Lowering health insurance premiums (3/17/2017)

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Representative Tony Jurgens

Representative Tony Jurgens

By Rep. Tony Jurgens, 3/17/2017

Hello from the State Capitol,

A program designed to stabilize health care premiums by mitigating the impact of high-risk individuals, or those who are the most sick, on the individual health insurance market has been approved in the Minnesota House.

If it becomes law, health insurance premium rates could decrease by 18 percent or more according to a non-partisan fiscal note from the Minnesota Management and Budget Office.

Basically the Minnesota Premium Security Plan provides insurance for insurance companies.

It allows the company to take the most expensive claims and spread out the costs. With the most high-risk patients already covered, the remaining policy holders in the pool would not be held financially responsible through higher premium rates.
Lowering health insurance premiums is one of our top legislative priorities. Earlier this year we approved some premium relief and market reforms, and this bipartisan bill is another way we’re trying to improve the health insurance problems being faced by Minnesotans.

My bill that would maintain the 35 mile per hour speed limit on Highway 316 from Highway 61 to just north of Tuttle Drive is one step away from a floor vote by the Minnesota House of Representatives.

As you’ll recall, MnDOT wants to raise speed limits in this area from 35 to 40 miles per hour. After fielding numerous complaints on the topic, and meeting with MnDOT in hopes of getting the department to reconsider, I’ve authored legislation that would keep the speed limit there as-is.

On Thursday, my proposal was approved on a unanimous vote by the Minnesota House Transportation Finance Committee, and now heads to the Ways and Means Committee for one final committee debate. Next stop after that: House floor.

On Wednesday, I was pleased to attend the Cottage Grove State of the City address given by Mayor Myron Bailey and hear about the positive progress being made. We have seen a lot of commercial and residential activity over the past year, and it appears the upcoming year also looks strong. As a past member of the Cottage Grove Economic Development Authority, it’s nice to see some of the programs I worked on coming to fruition.

This week, I was able to meet with MAPE members and local constituents Danielle Kronebusch, Mary Rock, Fatai Alowanle and Megan Johnson to discuss state employee benefits and other funding initiatives. Thank you for stopping by!

Have a good weekend,

State Representative Tony Jurgens
523 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

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