Rep. Keith Franke’s statement on passage of premium relief, continued care

On a bipartisan vote of 73-54, the Minnesota House approved the 2017 Health Care Emergency Aid and Access bill (Senate File 1) which provides direct premium relief and preserves access to life-saving and end-of-life care. While lawmakers work toward long-term state and federal health insurance reforms, this legislation institutes immediate consumer-driven improvements that stand alone and will not be impacted by those future changes.

“When I talk to folks in my district, one of the top things I hear is a need for healthcare reform,” said Rep. Keith Franke, R-St. Paul Park, who co-authored the legislation. “The House was able to quickly deliver on its promise to pass this bill which includes needed reforms and premium relief for hardworking Minnesotans.”

House Republicans’ plan offers a 25 percent premium reduction for those Minnesotans who need it most — individuals who earn between $35,640 & $95,040 and families of four who earn between $72,900 & $194,400 who live in Minnesota qualify. In addition, it allows for patients with serious illnesses or those receiving end-of-life care to continue seeing their doctor. Lastly, the plan increases affordable options through timely reforms that stand independent of impending federal action.

“House Republicans have moved swiftly to provide relief and preserve care for Minnesotans,” said Rep. Joe Hoppe, R-Chaska, the chief author of the bill. “I look forward to working with our Senate colleagues and the governor to see this bill signed into law as soon as possible.”

The bill is expected to enter conference committee where differences between the Senate and House versions will be reconciled.



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