Rep Keith Franke Capitol Update: Tax relief (3/31/2017)

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Representative Keith Franke

Representative Keith Franke

By Rep. Keith Franke, 3/31/2017

Dear Neighbors,

Tax Relief
What I’ve heard from area residents is they’ve been paying too much in state taxes. Last night, I voted to pass our $1.35 billion relief proposal because I agree: Minnesotans need a break. The largest portion of this relief bill goes toward seniors receiving Social Security. It would also benefit working families, veterans, small business owners and provides $100 million in direct property tax relief to renters and homeowners. I was especially happy to see my property tax provision to help Newport included in this bill.

For me, voting for this legislation was a no-brainer. Residents in our area – and around the state – deserve tax relief, and this bill would do just that.

Transportation Bill
Today, we discussed our transportation funding plan. For the residents of our area, roads and bridges are the primary transportation need. Our bill prioritizes roads and bridges and outlines a 10-year, $6 billion statewide transportation plan. The part I like best is that we can do this WITHOUT raising the gas tax. We have a large budget surplus, along with existing revenue streams, to make a significant investment in our road and bridge infrastructure.

I voted for this bill, and it passed on a 76-54 vote.

AIDS Action Day
This week, I took part in AIDS Action Day at the Capitol. My bill to create a strategic plan to combat HIV/AIDS is moving through the process, and I’m honored to work with members from both parties on this initiative.

Please Contact Me
As you know, I’m always free to talk about issues that are important to you. You can call or email, and I’ll be sure we find a time to connect. If you’re coming to St. Paul, feel free to schedule a time to meet in my office.

Have a great weekend,

State Representative Keith Franke
567 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

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