Rep Keith Franke Capitol Update: One week away (5/12/2017)

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Representative Keith Franke

Representative Keith Franke

By Rep. Keith Franke, 5/12/2017

Dear Neighbors,

We’re just over a week away from the close of the 2017 session, and we’re still making progress to our end goal of crafting a responsible budget for Minnesota. Just this week, we passed some of our compromise budget bills, including a $1.1 billion tax relief bill that targets working families, senior citizens, recent college grads and more. There’s still lots of work left before the end of session, but I’m pleased to see some of these top priorities coming together.

First Bill Passes
This week, the House of Representatives passed my bill off the floor, HF2047, on a unanimous vote of 128-0. The legislation requires the Department of Health, working in conjunction with the Department of Human Services and stakeholders, to develop a comprehensive plan identifying strategies to:

  • Determine levels of testing, care, and services necessary to eliminate HIV/AIDS
  • Determine specific outcomes that must be met
  • Provide recommendations for how to leverage existing funds
  • Provide recommendations for new and enhanced interventions, and additional resources needed

I’m extremely humbled to pass my first bill with unanimous, bipartisan support. This legislation has a chance to make a difference in the lives of countless Minnesotans, and could help reduce or eliminate HIV/AIDS in our state.

Local Schools
On Wednesday, I joined St. Paul Park mayor Sandi Dingle to greet students participating in Walk and Bike to School. I was fortunate to meet with students from Pullman Elementary as they walked or rode their bikes to start the school day. It was a great visit!

Please Contact Me
As I said before, we have just a week left of session, so it’s more important than ever to reach out if you have questions on what we’re discussing. Feel free to call or email my office if you need anything.
Lastly, be sure to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to a mom in your life!

Enjoy your weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day!

State Representative Keith Franke
567 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

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