Rep. Keith Franke Capitol Update: Making progress (1/20/2017)

Representative Keith Franke

Representative Keith Franke

By Rep. Keith Franke, 1/20/2017

Dear Friends,

We’re up and rolling through the early weeks of the legislative session. I’m happy to report we’re making lots of progress for Minnesotans, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in the coming days.

Health Care Relief

Last night, a bill I co-authored, the 2017 Health Care Emergency Aid and Access bill, passed the House on a bipartisan vote. When I talk to folks in my district, one of the top things I hear is a need for health care reform. The House was able to quickly deliver on its promise to pass this bill which includes needed reforms and premium relief for hardworking Minnesotans.

This legislation puts money back in the pockets of those who have seen up to 60% increases in their health insurance premiums. Just as important, the bill would preserve access for those receiving live-saving treatment. There’s still plenty of things to fix to truly improve our health care system, but passing this bill in the House is a great place to start.

First Bill

I mentioned last week that I was introducing my first bill as chief author. The legislation, HF270, is a tax credit for local businesses who hire military veterans. Much of my family served in the military, and I enjoy interacting and listening to veterans at the local Legion and VFW posts which has helped me see a need to provide this business tax credit. I’m excited to see this sentiment crossing party lines. My bill is co-sponsored by five other Republicans and four Democrats. With this type of bipartisan support, I’m hopeful to get this bill moving in the committee process so we can help Minnesota’s veterans.

Please Contact Me

One of my favorite parts of serving in the House is interacting with you. I enjoy listening to your opinions, and am always here if you or your family need assistance. You can reach me at 651-296-4342 or

Have a great weekend,


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