Rep Keith Franke Capitol Update: A busy week (1/13/2017)

Representative Keith Franke

Representative Keith Franke

By Rep. Keith Franke, 1/13/2017

Dear Friends,

I wanted to keep you updated after another busy week at the Capitol. I’m happy to have heard from many of you in the last few days, and hope you’ll continue to reach out if you have any ideas for our state, or need some type of assistance.

Authoring Bills

So far, I’ve co-authored five bills in the House, including the tax relief bill that passed last week. The $21 million relief proposal passed the Senate yesterday, and Governor Dayton signed it into law early this morning. As it did in the House, this bill passed unanimously in the Senate. Obviously both parties don’t agree on everything, but this early show of bipartisanship to pass tax relief for hardworking Minnesotans is an encouraging way to start the 2017 session.

I just dropped my first bill of my term and it will be introduced early next week. It’s a great piece of legislation that offers businesses a tax rebate if they hire military veterans. The transition back to civilian life can be difficult, and we have to do what we can to make it easier for our men and women in uniform to find employment once they leave the service.

Tax relief is a big goal of mine this session, which is why I’m co-authoring a bill to phase out the tax on Social Security benefits. This could be a big savings for our seniors in Minnesota. Many of our aging population are on fixed incomes, and shouldn’t have their Social Security taxed.

St. Paul Park Winterfest

Tomorrow marks the third annual St. Paul Park Winterfest Skating Event. The event takes place from 1 until 3 pm at the Whitbred Warming House (1301 Selby Ave, St. Paul Park). With s’mores, games, and a medallion hunt, this is a great time to bring the kids out and enjoy one of our great cities. For more information, please click here.

Please Contact Me

Along with being a voice for you at the Capitol, one of my main goals over the next two years is to have an open line of communication with you, the people of 54A. Even if I’m in session, or it’s the weekend or a holiday, I’d encourage you to call, email, or visit me. I’ll always keep you updated on what’s happening in St. Paul, and I hope you’ll contact me with your questions or concerns. Feel free to email me any time at or call me 651-296-4342.

Enjoy your weekend,

State Representative Keith Franke
567 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

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