Participate in the Caucus Straw Poll

2014 Straw Poll CandidatesCast a preference ballot for Republican candidates for Governor and US Senate.

On caucus night here in Minnesota, you’ll be able to cast a straw ballot (a.k.a. “preference ballot”) to indicate your preferred Republican candidates for Governor and for US Senate.

What is a “straw poll”?

A straw poll or straw vote is a vote with nonbinding results. Among political bodies, straw polls often are scheduled for events at which many people interested in the polling question can be expected to vote.

We have a field of great candidates for both offices.

Below, we’ve listed the candidates and provided links to their webistes. We encourage you to learn about as much as you can about the candidates before caucus night.


Straw Poll Ballot Candidates For Governor:

Rob Farnsworth —

Scott Honour —

Jeff Johnson —

Marty Seifert —

Dave Thompson —

Kurt Zellers —



Straw Poll Ballot Candidates For US Senate:

Jim Abeler —

Chris Dahlberg —

Mike McFadden —

Monti Moreno —

Julianne Ortman —

Harold Shudlick — no website



Voting is by secret ballot. Only officially registered caucus attendees will be allowed to participate in the straw poll. Observers may not vote.

Statewide results for the Gubernatorial preference ballot will be available (and updated live) on the Secretary of State’s website as soon as the BPOUs report in the results.


2014 Straw Poll Candidates

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