Our candidates could use YOUR help

Faye Hatch Chairperson, Minnesota Senate District 54 Republicans

Faye Hatch
Chair, Minnesota Senate District 54 Republicans

By Faye Hatch BPOU Chair, 05/13/2016

Our candidates for the House and Senate are gearing up their campaigns and anxious to get busy. They would appreciate help for many areas such as phone calls, signs, lit drops, campaign committee, etc. They also need contributions to meet their financial needs. Without us to support them, their campaigns can’t move forward. Many hands doing light work and contributions make it happen.

Please contact them to let them know when/where you would like to assist. It is fun work, you get to meet and know nice people along the way, and can provide exercise we all need!

Here is their contact information:

Leilani Holmstadt

Keith Franke

Denny McNamara

Thank you all for your interest and involvement!

Faye Hatch
Chairperson, Minnesota Senate District 54 Republicans

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