McNamara hopeful Gov Dayton will sign omnibus environment bill

Representative Denny McNamara (R) District 57B

Representative Denny McNamara (R) District 57B

By Rep. Denny McNamara, 5/2/2012

Hello from St. Paul,

As Chair of the House Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance committee, I am eagerly waiting for Governor Dayton’s decision to approve a bill that will restructure the way Minnesota protects our land, air, and water.

The omnibus environment bill was passed on Saturday, April 28. On Monday, I, along with a Republican and Democrat state lawmaker, as well as two advisors on Governor Dayton’s staff, sat down with the Governor and discussed the importance of the legislation.

We had a very positive meeting. The Governor and I, along with everyone else in the room, feel very strongly about protecting Minnesota’s environment and natural resources long term, and we realize we need to be proactive in these efforts.

Governor Dayton listened very closely to our environmental concerns and how we aimed to solve some of these issues. The omnibus environment bill contains many different provisions that I’ve worked closely on over the past year, including language that will slow down the spread of aquatic invasive species such as Asian carp and zebra mussels, advisory inspections, limiting the importation of minnows from surrounding states, and changes to the Wetland Conservation Act.

I’m hopeful that Governor Dayton will sign this bill, and I’m pleased he took the time to meet with our group and learn more about the legislation. As the end of session approaches, it’s important that we work together in a bipartisan fashion and try to make good things happen for the State of Minnesota, and I’m very optimistic that we’ve accomplished this goal with our discussion of the omnibus environment bill.

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and Natural Resources Policy and Finance
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