Keith Franke: Together we can FIX the process for US!

Keith Franke District 54A

Keith Franke
Candidate for
House District 54A

At this point, I am fortunate to have had financial support from involved citizens, friends, and family who have helped me fund my campaign but in this day and age a successful run for office requires A LOT of money to reach voters with your message. My campaign has been solely financed by these donations and I have made a vow not to take PAC money. The only “personal interest groups” that I am interested in entertaining are the personal interests of the people I would be representing when I am elected. Electing local representatives that are beholden only to the people who elect them is the first step in making meaningful change that will hopefully have a “trickle up” effect causing real campaign finance reform and ensuring that the voices of the people of this country are heard and not drowned out by the voices of big business and deep seeded dirty political machines.

It’s time to wake up America! The recent Wikileaks publications of the DNC is just the wake-up call we need to work on REAL campaign finance reform. It is important to know what your candidate stands for and where they get the money that funds their campaigns. If this is a country by the people, for the people then we need the people to get involved and make their voices heard! Unfortunately, money talks!

I need your support. Will you chip in $2, $5, $10, $20, or more for my campaign?

Thank you,

Keith Franke
Candidate for House District 54A

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