Janis Quinlan for SD54 money bomb!

Janis Quinlan for Minnesota State Senate

Janis Quinlan candidate for MN Senate District 54

By Janis Quinlan, 8/8/2012

We need 80 people to give $25 to make our goal. Will you help us?

http://www.QuinlanforSenate.com/ – DONATE

My friends, I know our campaign has the right message. Less government spending, less interference and red tape for small businesses, and making sure we are not handing our kids and grand kids huge deficits are not partisan issues; they are American issues.

While we are winning on the issues, I need to make sure this campaign has the resources to make sure we can spread our message. If I can get in front of the right amount of people, we can and will win this campaign.

But not without your help.

I am asking you to reach into your wallets and your hearts to help this campaign succeed. $25 goes such a long way to give us the tools we need – and of course if you can give more, we’ll gladly accept it!

Will you help me reach $2,000 within 24 hours? With your help this campaign will succeed. $25 is a step towards less burden on our children and their children; $25 will go towards sending a voice to St. Paul that advocates for you and your business.

Please send a note to info@quinlanforsenate.com to let us know that you can help us reach our goal.

http://www.QuinlanforSenate.com/ – DONATE HERE

We can do this – but only with YOUR help.

Janis Quinlan

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