HD 54A Republicans endorse Matthew Kowalski for MN House of Representatives

Matthew Kowalski for Minnesota House District 54A

Matthew Kowalski

On Saturday at the Senate District 54 convention, delegates from House District 54A endorsed Matthew Kowalski as their candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Matthew lives in Cottage Grove, is married, and has two small children. He is a sales manager, a golf professional, and he serves as a board member for the Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority. He says that he is not related to the Kowalski grocery store owners.

Kowalski’s message is “Freedom works better”. He promises to work hard to ensure that government will protect freedom instead of increasing the amount of control it has over our lives. He says “You and your neighbors can better determine how you should live your lives than any government bureaucrat or agency could ever dream of”. Kowalski believes that individuals working together to better the lives of their families and communities is the best way to progress to a higher standard of living for everyone.

A candidate for Cottage Grove city council in 2012, Kowalski door-knocked only a fraction of Cottage Grove and still came within 875 votes of unseating an incumbent candidate. He discovered that people were receptive to his message. This motivates him to get door-knocking and take his message to everyone in the district and ultimately win in November.

Matthew Kowalski is seeking election to the Minnesota House of Representatives from district 54A which includes Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park, South St. Paul, and Grey Cloud Island.

Matthew would love to hear from you! Email him at

For more info go to:

Website — http://kowalskiformnhouse.com/
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/kowalskiforhouse
Twitter — https://twitter.com/MatthewK54a

Let us all work hard to support Matthew and his campaign!

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