Have you seen this? Join the Cause

Republican Party of Minnesota Announces New “Join The Cause” Video Campaign

The Republican Party of Minnesota today announced an online campaign to promote its new video “Join The Cause”, which was released at this past weekend’s State Convention.

Chairman Keith Downey made the following remarks.

“We are excited to present our vision and invite the people of Minnesota to get on board with the cause of growth and opportunity. We are a party that cares, and we will lead.” said Chairman Downey. “Minnesotans, Americans, are tired of Government telling us what we can do and what we can aspire to. We believe that our message of individual empowerment, of growth and opportunity will resonate with Minnesotans.”

The video presents the Party’s vision for the people of Minnesota and asks everyone to join the cause. The campaign will be focused on online media through the November election.

View the video below:

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