Election results: McNamara wins, Kowalski defeated

I Voted StickerThanks to all who voted on Tuesday.

Lots of folks put in many hours and worked hard for our candidates in SD54 leading up to this election. Thanks to Denny and Matthew and everyone for your efforts.

Denny McNamara was re-elected in HD54B. He received 8,852 votes to his opponent’s 5,750 votes. McNamara garnered 61% of the vote. Congratulations Denny!

In the race for District 54A, Matthew Kowalski received 5,629 votes and the incumbent received 7,047 votes. Not a bad showing! Thanks to Matthew for stepping forward to run for office. We appreciate his hard work on behalf of promoting freedom vs control in HD54A.

Now, let’s get started working on winning the next election.

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