Congratulations to these delegates elected to the CD 2 convention!

MN Congressional District 2 Republicans convention call letterOur BPOU organizing convention was held earlier today. We elected delegates to the upcoming Congressional District conventions.

The CD 2 convention will be held Saturday, April 5 at the Lakeville South High School.

Delegates and alternates are urged to view a copy of the official convention call.

Please visit the website for more information about the convention.

For the upcoming Congressional District conventions, the following delegates and alternates were elected for CD 2:

CD 2 Delegates:

Matthew Kowalski
Janis Quinlan
Chad Rediske
Matt Erickson
Tom Willenbring
Tom Dippel
Denny McNamara
Bev Moreland
Julie Zappa
Colleen Erickson
Steve Erickson
Autumn Lehrke
Wayne Polly
Deb Hannah
Alexander Schoer
Derrick Lehrke
Kenneth Miller
Mike Fouts
Gabriel Schoer
Leon Moe
Patrick Dippel
Linda Richie
Lawrence Richie
Terry Flower
Ben Dally
Rick Levang
Jeff Haggerty
Ron Kath
Jackie Moe
Faye Hatch

CD 2 Alternates:

James Brunsgaard
Albert Alden
Lloyd Cheney
Lynn McNamara
Lisa Hitz-Schoer
Kellie Eigenheer
Neal Heurung
Margaret Flower
Andrew Hatch
Mike Qualy
Bev Bloedow
Allen Warren
Kevin Trandem
Lawrence Westerberg
Jason Fossum
Clint Haggerty
Rick Williams
Michael Edman
Peter Terry
Carlos Ayala
Linda Lehrke
Rod Lehrke
Kim Willenbring
Steve Lagoon
Susan Gudmunson
Christian Ayala
Dalen Gudmunson
Deborah Hedges
Randy Dague
Jim Pierce
Mark Hill
Ian Page
Warner Bunker
Jim Gibbons
Caleb Shingledecker
Jewel Pickert
Taylor Caspers
Douglas Wyman
Carol Enochson
David Enochson

Note, all results on this page are UNOFFICIAL and are pending final review/verification. Please accept my apologies for any misspelled names.

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