BPOU Convention Handbook — download a copy

2014-convention-handbook-bpou-senate-district-54-republicans_with_shadowAs you probably already know, our 2014 Senate District 54 Republicans organizing convention will be on Saturday, March 22 in South Saint Paul.

We have produced a 23 page Convention Handbook for the attendees. Printed copies will be available at the convention site. You can download an advance copy here. We encourage you to print up your own copy to bring to the convention.

** DOWNLOAD the handbook **

We have a lot to accomplish at the convention. After reading the handbook, delegates and alternates will be better prepared to make the most of the convention experience.

Included in the Handbook are:

* Convention Agenda
* Convention Rules (Proposed)
* Platform Resolutions
* A copy of the Republican Party of Minnesota 2012 Standing Platform
* House District 54A and 54B candidate information

Get your copy today.

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