A great caucus night! Motivated for November! Onward!

caucuscrowdFrom the Republican Party of Minnesota, Keith Downey, Chair:

A Great Night for Minnesota Republicans!
Inspiring Candidates. Record-Shattering Turnout. And Sanders Crushing Clinton.

Congratulations to Senator Rubio on his big win in Minnesota last night. And thank you to Minnesota Republicans for coming to caucuses in record-setting numbers!

Motivated for November

Republican turnout was 115,000, over 75% higher than our previous turnout record from 2008. Thank you!

Motivated by the fallout from seven years of the Obama-Clinton agenda and inspired by our candidates, Minnesota Republicans have the enthusiasm heading into campaign season.

Yes, the DFL is that extreme and Hillary is doing that poorly

Democrats had good but not record-setting turnout. And with a 60% – 40% crushing victory by Bernie Sanders, any energy they did have was for the avowed socialist, not their actual candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Polls show Clinton is viewed very unfavorably in Minnesota. Voters don’t trust her and have seen her foreign policy disasters. It appears that is equally true for Democrats.


Let’s take our energy from last night on to November!

It’s time to grow our Republican, no our American, coalition. Let the F(armers) and L(abor) know that the DFL has been taken over by an extremist, out of touch, big-money faction in Minneapolis led by Hillary Clinton.

Let’s spread our positive vision for real growth and opportunity in our economy, securing our borders, protecting our citizens, and defending our bill of rights!

Be a part of it, get involved today!


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