BPOU Convention 2017–Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2017 BPOU Convention?
The function by which BPOU Officers and delegates and alternates to the State Central Committee are elected. BPOU officers and State Central delegates and alternates are all elected to 2-year terms.

Who are delegates to the 2017 BPOU Convention?
Precinct delegates and alternates who were elected at the 2016 precinct caucus are delegates to the 2017 BPOU Convention.

What does NOT happen at the 2017 BPOU Convention?
2017 BPOU Convention does NOT elect delegates and alternates to State Convention or to CD Conventions. They do NOT endorse candidates for public office. Their sole purpose is to elect party leadership and State Central delegates and alternates.

Is there a State Convention in 2017?
No, there is no State Convention currently scheduled in 2017. The next scheduled State Convention will occur in 2018, for the purpose of nominating candidates for state Constitutional Offices and U.S. Senate.

What offices must the BPOU fill at the 2017 convention?
There are three officers that the BPOU must elect at the convention: Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Many BPOUs also have other officer positions written into their Constitution, or other standing committees and volunteer positions that they fill at their convention.

When and where is the SD54 BPOU convention?
The Senate District 54 Republican Party convention will be Tuesday, February 7, commencing at 7:00 PM, at Lighthouse Baptist Church, 9979 80th St. South, Cottage Grove, MN 55016. See the convention call letter for more details.

(Source: document FAQs on 2017 BPOU Conventions)

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