URGENT! Poll Watchers needed for Monday

Folks, we are looking for Republicans to serve as Poll Watchers for the Special Election on Monday and we could seriously use your help.

A Poll Watcher observes the election day procedures and watches for genuine mistakes and/or violations of the law.

Ideally, we will have a Poll Watcher for each precinct, one shift in the morning and another shift in the afternoon. We probably won’t have that many volunteers and will need to focus on specific precincts.

If you can help, PLEASE EMAIL KELLIE EIGENHEER at kellie@sd54gop.org with your name, phone number, location preferred and time of day available.

There is a training on Friday afternoon. If you are not able to attend the training, we can talk with you over the phone on what to look for as a Poll Watcher.

If you have questions, contact Kellie Eigenheer at kellie@sd54gop.org

Just a reminder that you can vote early. County locations are open until 4:30 today and Friday and will be open for a while on Saturday.

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