State GOP names SD57 resident Craig Westover as Communications Director

From the desk of Tony Sutton, Chairman of the Republican Party of MN:

State GOP taps Craig Westover as Communications Director

Recognizing the expanding interest in policy and politics and Minnesotans’ increased sophistication and knowledge of political issues, I tapped former Pioneer Press contributing columnist and Minnesota Free Market Institute policy fellow Craig Westover as the party’s communications director. Westover, 61, replaces Mark Drake, who recently accepted a communications position in the private sector. Westover joined the Republican Party of Minnesota staff May 1. “As an op-ed writer and a think tank analyst, Craig has a solid reputation as a strong, principled voice for conservatism,” I said. “His writing incisively exposes the fallacies and failures of liberal and progressive policies, and he hasn’t been shy about taking on the Republican Party when he’s felt it wandering away from its core values. Craig brings to the communications director position more than just messaging expertise; he personifies the credibility of a Republican Party that is serious about accurately communicating its positions on issues to Minnesotans.”

During his eclectic career, Westover has been a freelance magazine writer, ghostwriter and advertising copywriter and consultant. He worked for NCR in corporate communications, quality process management and marketing and in strategic marketing for AT&T. After leaving AT&T, he set up integrating marketing communications organizations at several small companies and start-up businesses before working his way into op-ed writing and politics. He was a policy fellow with the Minnesota Free Market Institute.

“Tony has described politics as a ‘brawl,’” noted Westover. “But even in a brawl, the fighter with knowledge of martial arts has the upper hand over brute force. An integrated approach to communications gives the MNGOP the upper hand in winning elections. I am a strong believer in the small ‘r’ republican principles of limited, constitutional government that are the reason for being of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Tony offered me the opportunity to help propagate those principles in the messaging of the party – externally to the general public and internally by integrating communications into the strategic planning of the party. That is an offer I can’t refuse.”

Heather Rubash, current interim communication director and new media coordinator, has been promoted to press secretary and will be the point of contact for day to day press relations.

Westover lives in Afton with his wife of 35 years, Tamara. They have two adult children.

Congratulations Craig! You can read articles about Craig’s appointment at, and at, and in the Woodbury Bulletin.

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