Rep Denny McNamara’s Capitol Update: I think Governor Dayton’s proposal is too expensive

Representative Denny McNamara

Representative Denny McNamara

By Rep. Denny McNamara, 04/13/2015

Hello from the State Capitol,

On April 8, Governor Mark Dayton gave his State of the State Address on the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives. The governor tends to use this speech to outline his vision for the upcoming session. With only six weeks remaining in the 2015 session, he basically used his time to reiterate a number of visions he had previously shared with lawmakers and the public.

Several days ago, the governor unveiled an $842 million bonding bill which would fund a number of statewide construction projects, and he urged the legislature to approve it.

I think Governor Dayton’s proposal is too expensive, and feel we can take care of many of our bonding needs next session.

The governor also continued his push for increased transportation funding, and still wants to raise taxes and fees by more than $9 billion to do it. This plan would inevitably lead to drivers paying a minimum of 16-cents per gallon more for gasoline.

To me, the House Republican approach is a better way. We’re focusing on roads and bridge funding needs, and we’d like to reallocate funds that are already being collected for a number of transportation related purposes – items such as the sales taxes on auto parts and the sales tax on rental cars – and dedicate those funds as new road and bridge revenue. Doing this would raise $7 billion over ten years for our transportation infrastructure.

In the coming weeks, the governor and House and Senate will begin to hash out their budget differences and work on a compromise plan that is acceptable to all sides. I will keep you posted on their progress.

Along these lines, my main focus lately has been crafting an environment and natural resources spending budget within the Minnesota House. It is nearing completion and we will begin debate on it in the House environment finance committee in the coming days.

As things begin to heat up in the Minnesota House, I strongly encourage you to share your input. Contact me any time at 651-296-3135 or by email at

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