Read this MNGOP Judicial Voter Guide


It is important that voters educate themselves about the judicial candidates and make informed decisions on Election Day. To that end, the Republican Party of Minnesota has created an official judicial election guide for statewide judicial races in 2012.

View the official voter guide here:

As a service to the citizens of Minnesota, the Republican Party of Minnesota has published this voter guide for the 2012 statewide judicial elections. This guide compiles publicly available information regarding the candidates’ backgrounds and campaign statements. Where possible, this guide highlights instances where a particular candidate has written or joined a high-profile court decision.

The Republican Party of Minnesota has not endorsed any candidate for judicial office in 2012. This guide is not an endorsement or recommendation of any candidate. Rather, this guide provides information (and links to additional information) to assist voters in making informed decisions.

Click here to read the guide:
Republican Judicial Elections Voter Guide, 2012

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