Opinion: Republicans must stand for something

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By Craig Westover

Just got off the phone with my daughter. We debated everything from Photo ID to ObamaCare. Frustrating experience, because she is a libertarian at heart, believes in what Republicans say they stand for, but absolutely doesn’t trust Republicans to deliver on what they say they believe and holds they are more likely to act exactly contrary to what they believe. There is no logic yet contrived that can argue effectively against what is essentially true.

Craig's daughter, an attorney, has contributed invaluable research and argument to briefing and petitions before the United States Supreme Court.

Winning back my daughter writ large is the problem the Republican Party faces. We’re not going to win her with sound bites and promises. We’re not going to do it be denouncing Democrats solution to problems and consequently ignoring those problems. We’re not going to do it by f*ing around with procedural issues and amendment that clearly have political objectives.

As Republicans, we must start treating the electorate with some respect. If we think people are smart enough to make their own choices about things like educating their children and purchasing health care, then we ought to respect their intelligence enough to make substantive arguments and support sound policies in support of what we believe. Republicans must stand for something.

We have too few candidates willing to do that and too few elected officials who get it. As my daughter says, “When Republicans talk about limited government and controlling spending, you are the adults in the room. When you cut health care spending and then vote for a stadium, you’re a**holes.”

Can we really disagree?

About the author:
Craig Westover lives in Afton, MN. He has a business background and has written opinion pieces for the Pioneer Press newspaper.

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