Needed: Election Judges, Poll Watchers, Campaign Helpers

What will you tell your children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren when they ask you what did you do in the 2016 election?

Will you tell them that you sat on couch? Will you tell them that you went to a party on Election Night? Or will you tell them that you served as a Poll Challenger, an Election Judge, volunteered at a Phone Bank, delivered literature or campaigned for a candidate?

Election Judges

Do not believe those who say election fraud does not occur, because it does, and always seems to benefit the Democrats. It is very important that we try to have Republican Election Judges and/or Republican Poll Challengers in every precinct.

Some of you have already volunteered to be an Election Judge and have been trained by the county, City or Township. You are definitely not a “couch sitter”. We greatly appreciate your commitment and look forward to your feedback on your experience.

Most of the Election Judge spots have been filled. Many Republican spots have been filled by our Republican list. If you have not been contacted, you may want to call your city/town to see if they are recruiting back up Election Judges. You can serve as an Election Judge in any precinct in Minnesota. Election Judge is a paid position.

Poll Challengers

You can still be a Republican Poll Challenger. The training for the Second Congressional District will be at Saturday, October 15 at 10:00AM to noon in the Lecture Hall at Lakeville South High School (North Entrance). This training is required in order to get Republican Party Credentials as a Poll Challenger. If you want to attend the Poll Challenger Training Session, send an email to:

We need advance notice in order to produce the class handouts. Please note that Poll Challengers are volunteers and are not paid.

Campaign for our Candidates

For Jason Lewis Campaign:

Contact Tom Dees at 828-493-3841 or 507-403-8223. You can also stop by at the Jason Lewis Campaign office at: 190 Cobblestone Ln., Burnsville, MN 55337

For additional information go to Jason’s Web site at:

Leilani Holmstadt’s Web Site is:

Keith Franke’s Web Site is:

Tony Jurgens’s Web Site is:

Election Judges



Don’t be a Couch Potato

Your Children/Grandchildren/Great-Grandchildren will be greatly impacted by this election – perhaps more than you. Don’t let them down. Volunteer this year!!!

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