Minnesota State Legislature Candidate Websites (2012)

(Last updated 7/3/2012)

Last week, while searching the Secretary of State’s website looking for info about the candidates who had filed for state office, I was looking for a way to list the websites for Republican candidates only. Maybe it is possible, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. So, I decided to collect the data and post my own list.

Here is my list of the Republican candidates for the Minnesota State Legislature. These website URLs were obtained from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website on June 6, 2012. Source.

I will add the Facebook info and Twitter info for each candidate as soon as I am able to learn it.

If you discover mistakes, or have updated information, please email me at admin@sd54gop.org

Republican Candidates for Minnesota State Senate 2012

District 1, STEVE NORDHAGEN, nordhagenforsenate.com, Facebook
District 2, DENNIS MOSER, DennisMoser.Net, Facebook, Twitter
District 3, JENNIFER HAVLICK, no website
District 4, PHIL HANSEN, philhansen4senate.com
District 5, JOHN CARLSON, carlson4senate.com, Facebook, Twitter
District 6, BRANDON D. ANDERSON, facebook.com/district6mn, Facebook
District 7, TYLER VERRY, no website
District 8, BILL INGEBRIGTSEN, BillForSenate.org, Facebook
District 9, PAUL GAZELKA, gazelkaforsenate.com, Facebook, Twitter
District 10, CARRIE RUUD, carrieruud.com, Facebook, Twitter
District 11, BILL SAUMER, no website
District 12, TORREY WESTROM, Torreywestrom.com, Facebook
District 13, MICHELLE FISCHBACH, no website
District 13, FADUMO YUSUF, no website
District 14, JOHN PEDERSON, no website
District 15, DAVE BROWN, davebrownforsenate.com
District 16, GARY DAHMS, no website
District 17, JOE GIMSE, no website
District 18, SCOTT J. NEWMAN, newmanformnsenate.com, Facebook
District 19, none, no website
District 20, MIKE DUDLEY, mikedudley.org, Facebook
District 20, GENE THOMAS KORNDER, no website
District 21, JOHN HOWE, johnhowe.us, Facebook, Twitter
District 22, BILL WEBER, no website
District 23, JULIE ANN ROSEN, no website
District 24, VERN SWEDIN, vernswedin.org, Facebook
District 25, DAVID H. SENJEM, senjemforsenate.com
District 26, CARLA NELSON, no website
District 27, LINDEN ANDERSON, no website
District 28, JEREMY MILLER, friendsformiller.com, Twitter
District 29, BRUCE ANDERSON, no website
District 30, MARY KIFFMEYER, kiffmeyer.com
District 30, PAUL BOLIN, paulformn.com, Facebook, Twitter
District 31, MICHELLE BENSON, michellebensonforsenate.com
District 32, SEAN NIENOW, nienow.com
District 33, DAVID OSMEK, davidosmek.com
District 33, CONNIE DOEPKE, doepkeforsenate.com
District 34, WARREN LIMMER, no website
District 35, BRANDEN PETERSEN, brandenpetersen.com
District 36, BENJAMIN KRUSE, votebenjaminkruse.com
District 37, PAM WOLF, pamwolf.org
District 38, ROGER CHAMBERLAIN, no website
District 39, ERIC MICHAEL LANGNESS , ericlangness.com
District 39, KARIN HOUSLEY, housleyforsenate.com
District 40, none, no website
District 41, GINA BAUMAN, ginabauman.com
District 42, APRIL KING, aprilkingforsenate.com
District 43, DUANE E. (SWEDE) JOHNSON, no website
District 44, DAVID GAITHER, davidgaither.com
District 45, BLAIR TREMERE, blairtremere.com
District 45, TIMOTHY HALL, newbeginningsminnesota.com
District 46, PAUL SCOFIELD, Scofieldforsenate.org
District 46, ROGER W CHAMPAGNE , no website
District 47, BRUCE R. SCHWICHTENBERG , schwichtenberg4senate.com
District 48, DAVID HANN, no website
District 49, KEITH DOWNEY, keithdowney.com
District 50, VERN WILCOX, wilcoxforsenate.com (updated 6/28/2012)
District 51, TED DALEY, daleyforsenate.com
District 52, DWIGHT RABUSE, no website
District 53, TED LILLIE, lillieforsenate.com
District 54, JANIS QUINLAN, quinlanforsenate.com
District 55, ERIC PRATT, ericprattmn.com
District 56, DAN HALL, votedanhall.com
District 57, PAT HALL, votepathall.com
District 58, DAVE THOMPSON, davethompsonforsenate.com
District 59, JIM LILLY, no website
District 60, MARK LAZARCHIC, no website
District 61, JESSE PFLIGER, no website
District 62, ERIC BLAIR, no website
District 63, PATRICK MARRON, no website
District 64, SHARON ANDERSON, sharonsenate64.blogspot.com
District 65, RICK KARSCHNIA, rickforstatesenate.org
District 66, WAYDE BROOKS, no website
District 67, MIKE CAPISTRANT, no website

Republican Candidates for Minnesota House of Representatives 2012

District 1A, DAN FABIAN, fabianfor1A.com
District 1B, DEBRA (DEB) KIEL, debkiel.com
District 2A, DAVE HANCOCK, no website
District 2B, DAVID COLLINS, no website
District 3A, JIM TUOMALA, no website
District 3B, KEITH MACDONALD, no website
District 4A, BENJAMIN LARSON, no website
District 4A, KEN LUCIER, no website
District 4A, TRAVIS REIMCHE, no website
District 4B, PAUL SANDMAN, no website
District 5A, LARRY HOWES, no website
District 5B, CAROLYN MCELFATRICK, mcelfatrick.com
District 6A, ROGER WEBER, no website
District 6B, JESSE COLANGELO, jessecolangelo.com
District 6B, DAN DARBO, no website
District 7A, THERESE BOWER, no website
District 7B, TRAVIS SILVERS, no website
District 8A, BUD NORNES, no website
District 8B, MARY FRANSON, fransonforstatehouse.com
District 9A, MARK ANDERSON, markandersonforrep.com
District 9B, RON KRESHA, ronkresha.com
District 10A, CHRIS KELLETT, votechriskellett.com
District 10B, DALE K. LUECK, VoteDaleLueck10B.com
District 11A, JIM PUTNAM, no website
District 11B, MITCH PANGERL, no website
District 11B, BEN WIENER, no website
District 12A, SCOTT DUTCHER, dutcherforhouse.com
District 12B, PAUL ANDERSON, paulandersonmn.com
District 13B, TIM O’DRISCOLL, odriscollforhouse.com
District 14A, STEVE GOTTWALT, stevegottwalt.com
District 14B, KING BANAIAN, Kingforhouse.com
District 15A, SONDRA ERICKSON, sondraerickson.com
District 15B, JIM NEWBERGER, JimforMinnesota.com
District 16A, CHRIS SWEDZINSKI, chrisswede.com
District 16B, PAUL TORKELSON, no website
District 17A, TIM MILLER, standwithtim.com
District 17B, BRUCE VOGEL, brucevogel.com
District 18A, DEAN URDAHL, no website
District 18B, GLENN GRUENHAGEN, glennforstaterep.com
District 19A, NIKOLAS BOYCE, no website
District 19B, THAD SHUNKWILER, no website
District 20A, KELBY WOODARD, kelbywoodard.com
District 20B, BRIAN WERMERSKIRCHEN, no website
District 21A, TIMOTHY J. KELLY, kellyforhouse.com
District 21B, STEVE DRAZKOWSKI, draz.com
District 22A, JOE SCHOMACKER, no website
District 22B, ROD HAMILTON, no website
District 23A, BOB GUNTHER, no website
District 23B, TONY CORNISH, tonycornish.com
District 24A, JOHN PETERSBURG, JohnPetersburg.com
District 24A, LARRY JOHNSON, no website
District 24B, DAN KAISER, votekaiser.net
District 25A, DUANE QUAM, duanequam.com
District 25B, MELISSA VALERIANO, melissavaleriano.com
District 26A, BREANNA BLY, no website
District 26B, MIKE BENSON, benson4rep.com
District 27A, RICH MURRAY, no website
District 27B, NATHAN NEITZELL, no website
District 28A, ADAM PACE, no website
District 28B, GREGORY M. DAVIDS, no website
District 29A, JOE MCDONALD, joemcdonaldforstaterep.com
District 29B, MARION O’NEILL, mariononeill.com
District 2B, STEVE GREEN, no website
District 30A, NICK ZERWAS, zerwasforHouse.com
District 30B, DAVID FITZSIMMONS, fitzforhouse.com
District 31A, KURT DAUDT, kurtdaudt.com
District 31B, TOM HACKBARTH, no website
District 32A, BRIAN JOHNSON, johnsonforstatehouse.com
District 32B, BOB BARRETT, vote4bob.com
District 33A, JERRY HERTAUS, hertausforhouse33a.com
District 33B, CINDY PUGH, cindyformn.com
District 33B, STEVE SMITH, no website
District 34A, JOYCE PEPPIN, no website
District 34B, KURT ZELLERS, kurtzellers.com
District 35A, JIM ABELER, jimabeler.com
District 35B, PEGGY SCOTT, peggy4house.com
District 36A, MARK UGLEM, markuglem.com
District 36B, ANDREW REINHARDT, andrewreinhardt.com
District 37A, MANDY BENZ, no website
District 37B, TOREY HALL, no website
District 37B, TIM SANDERS, no website
District 38A, LINDA RUNBECK, no website
District 38B, MATT DEAN, mattdean.org
District 39A, BOB DETTMER, bobdettmer.com
District 39B, KATHY LOHMER, kathy@kathylohmer.com
District 40A, none, no website
District 40B, RICHARD D. CUSHING, no website
District 41A, DALE HELM, helmforhouse.com
District 41B, LAURA PALMER, no website
District 42A, RUSS BERTSCH, russforhouse.com
District 42B, KEN RUBENZER, rubenzerforhouse.org
District 43A, STACEY STOUT, staceystout.com
District 43B, KEVIN J. KLEIN, no website
District 43B, BOB ZICK, no website
District 44A, SARAH ANDERSON, repsarahanderson.com
District 44B, MARK STEFAN, no website
District 45A, JEFF PAULEY, hasmyback.com
District 45B, REID JOHNSON, reidjohnsonforhouse.com
District 46A, JOHN SWANSON, swansonforhouse.com
District 46B, DAVID ARVIDSON, no website
District 47A, ERNIE LEIDIGER, ernieleidiger.com
District 47B, JOE HOPPE, no website
District 48A, KIRK STENSRUD, kirkforstaterep.com
District 48B, JENIFER LOON, jeniferloon.com
District 49A, BILL GLAHN, BillGlahn49A.org
District 49B, TERRY JACOBSON, no website
District 50A, CRAIG MARSTON, no website
District 50B, RICHARD BOHNEN, no website
District 51A, DIANE ANDERSON, DianeAndersonforHouse.com
District 51B, DOUG WARDLOW, dougwardlow.com
District 52A, JOE BLUM, joeblum.org
District 52A, DAVID MEISINGER, no website
District 52B, PAUL TUSCHY, paultuschy.com
District 53A, PAM CUNNINGHAM, pamcunningham.net
District 53B, ANDREA KIEFFER, andreakieffer.com
District 54A, DERRICK LEHRKE, vote4derrick.com
District 54B, DENNY MCNAMARA, dennymcnamara.com
District 55A, MIKE BEARD, no website
District 55B, TONY ALBRIGHT, electalbright.com
District 55B, TIM JESPERSON, no website
District 56A, PAM MYHRA, pamforhouse.com
District 56B, ROZ PETERSON, voterozpeterson.com
District 57A, TARA MACK, taramack.net
District 57B, ANNA WILLS, willsforhouse.com
District 58A, MARY LIZ HOLBERG, marylizholberg.com
District 58B, PAT GAROFALO, no website
District 59A, CINDY LILLY, no website
District 59B, BILL MCGAUGHEY, progressiverepublicans.org
District 59B, GARY J. MAZZOTTA, mazzotta4minnesota.com
District 60A, BRENT MILLSOP, no website
District 60B, KODY ZALEWSKI, no website
District 61A, DEVIN GAWNEMARK, devingawnemarkforhouse.org
District 61B, NATE “HONEY BADGER” ATKINS, no website
District 62A, KURTIS HANNA, no website
District 62B, TOM F. JOHNSON III, no website
District 63A, KIRK BRINK, no website
District 63B, MATT ASHLEY, no website
District 64A, ANDREW OJEDA, andrewojeda.com
District 64B, BRANDON CARMACK, brandoncarmack.com
District 65A, DANIEL LIPP, lipp2012.com
District 65B, CARLOS CONWAY, voteforcarlos.org
District 66A, MARK FOTSCH, markfotsch.org
District 66B, BEN BLOMGREN, benforhouse.com
District 67A, CATHY HENNELLY, facebook/CathyHennelly (updated 6/18)
District 67B, JOHN T. QUINN, quinn4house.com

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