Letters from Candidates and Other Caucus Attendee Downloads

A handful of the candidates have contacted us asking us to read letters for them at Tuesday’s caucuses. We’ve decided to post the letters here on our SD57GOP website. You can read and print these letters.

Letter from Ron Paul for President

Letter from Newt Gingrich for President

Letter from Mitt Romney for President (Updated)

Letter from Rick Santorum for President (New!)

Letter from Joe Arwood for US Senate

Letter from Pete Hegseth for US Senate

Letter from Anthony Hernandez for US Senate

Letter from John Kline for US Congress (New!)

Letter from Christy Jo Fogarty for Dakota County Commissioner (New!)

Before you attend the caucus, consider printing the following documents and bring them with you.

Welcome to the Republican Party of Minnesota 2012 Precinct Caucus (includes copy of MN GOP Standing Platform)

Secretary of State’s Precinct Caucus Brochure

2012 Election Judge Sign-Up Sheet

Resolutions Form–Use this form to submit your resolutions to the MNGOP standing platform.

Example Judicial Caucus Resolutions

NOTE: Any resolutions that are being sent around for discussion have not been endorsed by the Republican Party of Minnesota. MNGOP is absolutely neutral to any resolutions that are proposed and discussed.

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