Letter to the editor: Need more like Kriesel at Capitol

NOTE:This letter to the editor was published in the South Washington County Bulletin on May 14, 2011

Need more like Kriesel at Capitol

I was surprised and amazed at the recent letter (“District deserves more from Kriesel,” April 6) written by William Labovitch, outreach director for the Senate District 57 DFL. The letter is just another classic example of a hyper-partisan mentality that has been standard operating procedure for too long in St. Paul.

Rep. John Kriesel ran on a platform of changing how government does business. That doesn’t mean authoring a bill just to author a bill. That type of publish-or-perish approach to governance and budgeting is a major reason our state faces another mammoth budget deficit.

Labovitch clearly believes that only the “elite” should represent us in St. Paul. Apparently, the Senate District 57 DFL officer believes that serving our country and working in blue collar jobs makes you unfit to hold public office. Sadly, this is also another prime example of the reason why we are where we are with our state budget. I, for one, think we need more everyday people like Kriesel working for us in St. Paul.

Kriesel has authored legislation dealing with public safety, one of the core functions for our government. He has also authored legislation that would protect South Washington County Schools from having its reserve accounts raided by the state (a bill relating to education and one that is co-authored in the Senate by Sen. Katie Sieben), as well as legislation to help the city of Newport deal with flooding issues (another example of Kriesel and Sieben working together). These are real issues dealing specifically with areas Kriesel was elected to represent.

Kriesel has done a wonderful job so far in his first term and I look forward to seeing him continue to work for us in St. Paul.

Tamera Chapman

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