Letter to the editor: Kriesel represents his district well

NOTE:This letter to the editor was published in the South Washington County Bulletin on April 23, 2011

Kriesel represents his district well

Let me respond to William Labovitch’s letter concerning Rep. John Kriesel (“District deserves more from Kriesel,” April 6). First, anyone can find out what Kriesel is doing by checking his website and joining his email list. Or by simply checking the web and/or giving him a call. I get updates from him quite a bit from these sources.

One of Kriesel’s first votes was against a budget bill and against his party. He did this because he wanted to make sure the cuts were specific and not going to hurt the small cities that rely on state aid. This would impact our economy as well as theirs, and while I disagreed with his vote, I applaud him for voting in what he believes was in the best interest of these cities.

I trust his input and work on SF760, the health and human services budget bill protecting seniors and the disabled. His work on the House Veterans Services Division will guarantee our veterans are well taken care of. And HF1049, the jobs and economic development budget, is geared to bring prosperity back to Minnesota, an issue Kriesel is strongly supportive of.

And finally I would like to point out to Labovitch that the voters of our district voted for Kriesel because a change in direction of the failed, out-of-control spending policies of the DFL was needed to ensure that we get back to a more prosperous and sustainable path. I would also like to point out to Labovitch that while you may have been sitting in a college classroom listening to your progressive professor, Kriesel was overseas defending our way of life and our freedom, and while he paid a heavy price his heart is in serving his community because he believes so strongly in our American values and principles.

Your letter is the reason we need more people like Kriesel representing us and looking out for all Minnesotans. I, like most independents and many from your own party, are tired of the constant personal attacks coming from those who claim to be the party of tolerance and compassion.

Dave Dunn
Cottage Grove

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