I wholeheartedly endorse Jason Lewis for Congress

Lloyd Cheney  Retired US Army Officer

Lloyd Cheney

Note: Today’s guest post is by Hastings resident Lloyd Cheney, retired US Army Officer, Iraq War Combat Veteran, and the Deputy Chair of the Second Congressional District Republicans of Minnesota.

By Lloyd Cheney (8/2/16)

I wholeheartedly endorse Jason Lewis for Congress, and if you believe that this nation needs to return to a policy of what President Ronald Reagan called “Peace Through Strength” you should support him too. Vote for Jason Lewis in the primary election on August 9 as well as in the general election on November 8.

You should join me in support for Jason if you believe:

  • We have to stop giving money to countries that wish us harm with their sponsored terrorism.
  • Rebuilding our military means giving our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines what they really need to face threats of the 21st Century rather than feeding what President Eisenhower called the “Military Industrial Complex”.
  • It’s time to protect and secure our own borders and stop the influx of refugees which are infused with ISIS members. It’s also time to secure our borders from drugs, criminals and unlawful immigration.
  • Washington cannot continue the fiscal irresponsibility of borrowing nearly .50 cents on every dollar government spends. It’s past time to cut spending and put government on a diet.
  • The Second Amendment is the vanguard of the US Constitution. It gives the People the right to defend those “inalienable rights” which are codified into law via the Constitution.

Jason Lewis is the true Republican and Conservative in this race, which was confirmed when he won the grass roots Republican Party endorsement at our district convention. Jason is the only one who will take Progressive Angie Craig to task and expose her for what she really is – just another big government, anti-liberty leftist, whose views are antithetical to those of vast majority of citizens in CD2.

Join me in support by contributing, volunteering, and voting for Jason Lewis – The Leader We Know.

Lloyd Cheney
Retired US Army Officer
Iraq War Combat Veteran
Deputy Chair – CD2 Republicans of Minnesota

About Lloyd Cheney:
Lloyd lives in Hastings, Minnesota with Terri, his wife of 13 years, and his amazing service dog LeRoy. Lloyd served in the Army and the Army National Guard for 20 years in both commissioned officer and noncommissioned officer leadership roles. After retiring from the military as result of injuries sustained in Iraq, Lloyd works at giving back to his community. He is active in civic groups, he is an advocate for Second Amendment issues as well as other conservative principled causes. He has served as a delegate to local, congressional district, and state Republican conventions. Lloyd is a previous chairman of House District 54B Republicans and he presently serves as the Deputy Chair of the Second Congressional District Republicans of Minnesota.

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