Gov Dayton Finds Solutions To Problems He Created

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey

By MNGOP Chairman Keith Downey, 8/14/2013

Regular Minnesotans, who take responsibility for their actions, are starting to notice the pattern emerging from Governor Mark Dayton and his legislative initiatives.

First, he sets a political agenda for something he wants to accomplish like growing state government programs or building a new Vikings stadium.

Then, he leaves it up to others to work out the details.

Next, he holds a press conference and signs the bills that accomplish the goal (apparently without reading them).

And finally, when it’s clear the details either don’t work or are immensely unpopular with the public, he pretends he had nothing to do with the initiative, criticizes the process that created it and tries to be the hero by advocating its elimination.

This pattern has become standard practice for the Dayton administration, and he gets away with it with help from a Minnesota press corps that has taken the political honeymoon to a whole new level.

The governor started this trend with the 2011 state budget process when he coined the phrase “I’ll agree to it but I won’t agree with it.” This phrase has been used over and over by a governor who refuses to take responsibility for the legislation he signs into law. Never before has an entire budget been referred to as a “Republican budget” even though the governor who signed it into law was a Democrat.

The Vikings stadium debate has provided two examples of Dayton’s lack of accountability. First, he feigned outrage last fall when the Vikings first started test-marketing their personal seat licenses. Even though it was in every draft of the bill he personally negotiated, Dayton still managed to get great headlines for standing up for the fans against these horribly expensive seat licenses. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, Dayton is still claiming the Vikings “snuck” the provision into the bill.

And now that the Vikings owners have been publicly rebuked by a New Jersey judge over one of their real estate deals, it is Mark Dayton the hero calling for more scrutiny and accountability.

And the local press keeps helping.

A recent StarTribune article used the phrases “tough talk” “harsh review” “became furious” and “demands deeper scrutiny” to describe Governor Dayton’s actions and attitudes about the Vikings ability to meet their end of the stadium deal.

Became furious with whom? Tough talk with the mirror? Is he demanding deeper scrutiny from his former Deputy Chief of Staff after appointing her to lead the stadium authority? The time for due diligence was two years ago, before committing state money!

But the real kicker came last week when Dayton travelled down to Farmfest to speak to farmers. Republicans in the legislature put out the welcome mat by reminding everyone that Dayton used a new tax on farm equipment repair to pay for his massive growth in state government spending.

By the time he left Farmfest of course, the tax was labeled a “mistake” and Governor Dayton was branded a hero to the farmer for proposing its repeal in the upcoming special session. The local press obliged with headlines about Dayton’s proposed tax relief.

Time after time, this governor makes decisions based on what is politically expedient today, with no regard for the future and no accountability for the past. The voters are starting to figure this out, even if the press fails to hold him accountable.

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