Get a peek at your election day ballot

Go here:

The Minnesota Secretary of Sate has posted sample ballots for every precinct in the state. Go to the SOS Poll Finder website to view the ballot for your precinct.

We urge you to take an early look at your ballot. See who is running. Learn about all the candidates.

Vote on November 6 for our Republican-endorsed candidates!

Do your homework. Be ready for election day. Decide who you’ll be voting for.

Sample ballots for all precincts in Senate district 54, House district 54A and House District 54B, including the communities of South St. Paul, Cottage Grove, Hastings, St. Paul Park, Newport, Afton, Denmark Township, Grey Cloud Island Township, and Nininger Township can be found here on the MN Secretary of State’s Pollfinder website.

Navigate to the website, enter your address, and then click “Click here for Sample Ballot”.

Minnesota Polling Place Finder website:

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