Election Results – November 6, 2012

Thanks for voting in Tuesday’s election everyone!

Congratulations to our winning candidate Denny McNamara!

Approximately 42,000 of the about 47,500 registered voters in our district voted in the election.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work towards getting our candidates elected.

In Senate District 54, Republican challenger Janis Quinlan lost to the incumbant Katie Sieben.

JANIS QUINLAN (R) — 15,256 votes, 36.05%
KATIE SIEBEN (D) — 26,998 votes, 63.80%

In House District 54A, Republican Derrick Lehrke lost to Dan Schoen.

RON LISCHEID (I) — 1,428 votes, 7.07%
DERRICK LEHRKE (R) — 7,664 votes, 37.96%
DAN SCHOEN (D) — 11,069 votes, 54.82%

In House District 54B, Republican incumbant Denny McNamara defeated challenger Joanna Bayers.

DENNY MCNAMARA (R) — 12,493 votes, 57.43%
JOANNA BAYERS (D) — 9,228 votes, 42.42%

Source: Office of The Minnesota Secretary of State

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