Do these four simple things to help our candidates win on Nov 4.

Here are four things you can do to help our local candidates Denny McNamara and Matthew Kowalski win on November 4:

Vote early. Vote right.

1. Vote early! The election rules have changed–now everyone can vote early!

Sign up to volunteer!

2. Help get out the vote by signing up for a volunteer shift (or two) at your local Victory Office. We need folks to make phone calls and knock on doors. No experience necessary!

Pledge to vote!

3. Pledge to vote. Challenge a friend. It will be a close election this year and EVERY vote is going to matter. Pledge that you will vote this year and then challenge friends to do the same. Announce your pledge on Facebook and then choose friends you want to challenge to take the pledge as well.

4. Call your candidate and offer to help! Contact Representative McNamara at or by phone at 651-437-2597. Contact Matthew Kowalski at 612-859-3765 or by email at

The Republican Party of Minnesota is the party of education, energy security, civil rights, jobs, technology, innovation and hope. Please spend some time on our site and take a new look at the Republican Party.

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