Chairman Mike Fouts comments on State Convention

By Mike Fouts, SD54 Republicans BPOU Chair

Howdy, all…Thought I’d finally make an appearance and thank EVERYBODY who came out to the State Convention this weekend. Personally, I am excited about the passion, organization, and enthusiasm brought to the convention by the Liberty/Ron Paul/Whatever You Want to Call Them group of activists. For years we have been trying to figure out how to reach this demographic and, now that they have shown up, I have every intention of welcoming them.

With all of the mainstream media focusing on some alleged “split” or “schism” in the Republican Party, I have to say that I have seen absolutely NO evidence of this in our BPOU. While there is always some amount of trepidation when change occurs in an organization, change is essential to survival. Working with the newest participants in the BPOU, I can assure everybody that ALL of us our hard at work and committed to getting Derrick Lehrke, Janis Quinlan, and Denny McNamara elected locally, in addition to supporting our candidates for federal office.

We have several exciting ideas in the making, and I look forward to sharing them with all of you as they come closer to fruition.


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