Be an officer on the Executive Committee!

At our convention on Saturday, March 31, we will be electing new officers to the SD54 Republicans Executive Committee. We encourage you to consider running for one of the positions.

To be eligible to be an officer, you need (1) to reside in Senate District 54, (2) wish to be affiliated with the Republican Party, and (3) support the purposes and objectives of the BPOU. It is not necessary for you to be at the convention to be elected as an officer.

The Executive Committee manages the BPOU and it works to accomplish the purposes of the BPOU which are (1) support our candidates and (2) promote the principles of the Republican Party.

The Exec Committee is required to meet quarterly, but during an election season (as we are now), the meetings would probably be monthly.

We encourage you to bring your skills, fresh ideas, and passion to our organization where they will be put to good use to help win our legislative seats!

Please email our Convention Arrangements Committee Chair Kellie Eigenheer at if you are interested in one of these positions.

Executive Committee BPOU Officers
* BPOU Chair
* BPOU 1st Deputy Chair
* BPOU 2nd Deputy Chair
* BPOU Secretary
* BPOU Treasurer
* House District 54A Chair
* 1st Vice Chair of 54A
* 2nd Vice Chair of 54A
* House District 54B Chair
* 1st Vice Chair of 54B
* 2nd Vice Chair of 54B
* At Large Representative from 2nd Congressional District
* At Large Representative from 4th Congressional District

Finally, we would like to thank those members who have served on the Executive Committee for the last two years. We have had some talented people who have made our BPOU shine, and it’s been an honor to work with all of them!

Please email Kellie Eigenheer at if you have any questions.

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