Attend the SD54GOP BPOU meeting Nov. 12

TO: Senate District 54 Republicans, Executive Committee & Precinct Chairs
FROM: Terry Flower, BPOU Chair
DATE: Wednesday, November 7, 2012
SUBJECT: BPOU News, Meeting on November 12

Hi Everyone – No kidding Sherlock. We lost a lot last night – State House, State Senate. Dayton will go nuts! We lost the presidency. That means Obamacare is here to stay along with taxes, taxes, taxes. I heard the stock market took a dive as well. Obama will be happy to reach across the aisle as long as the Republicans do his will. Anyway, I will not go into this misery thing any more.

Let’s move ahead. I am calling a meeting for Monday evening, November 12th at 7:00 PM at the Point Restaurant. We can talk some more about our losses. I think there is good reason for this. But right now we have to move ahead, not just roll over and lick our wounds. We have to plan for State Central, for our Convention next February, and I do have some news – We (SD54) have been asked to host the CD 2 convention next March. I will get started on this but in any case we need to do some planning and set up committees to do a good job.

I will see you Monday evening. We are moving ahead.


Terrence Flower
Chair, Senate District 54 Republicans


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