An Open Letter To Minnesotans from MNGOP Chairman Keith Downey

An open letter from MNGOP Chairman Keith DowneyThe Path Forward
An Open Letter To Minnesotans

Republicans are said to be at a crossroads; but after traveling the state this past year I am more convinced than ever that the real crossroads are the choices facing our state and our country, and that the path forward for Republicans is to be found in one simple powerful fact:

We are on the side of the people!

Republicans share the tried and true ethic of everyday folks – family and faith, enterprise and hard work, loving our neighbor and giving back. Simply put, we care. The party of Lincoln believes every Minnesotan is invaluable, and we trust Minnesotans, not more government, for our future.

Our optimism in the future is justified. As worldwide markets grow, the opportunity for our state and our people has never been better. The principles of liberty and justice for all, and free enterprise, have proven to lift everyone, and Republican policies advance them. Our ideas work.

While Republicans will always encourage an open “iron sharpening iron” internal debate, we have reminded ourselves after the last election that ourParty is not an end unto itself. Our ultimate purpose is to provide leadership to the causes that will advance our state and benefit our people.

With our State Party back on its feet and re-positioned, I believe we are ready. Ready to earn the people’s trust. Ready to work for all Minnesotans and their opportunity to pursue big dreams again!

People sense the country is on the wrong track right now. For all the recent Democrat victories, it seems to regular folks that they are the ones losing. Lower and middle income people, especially minorities, are worse off.

But the opportunity is out there! Minnesota and the United States should be on offense, not wasting political energy and budgets on government-heavy programs that don’t work and compromise our liberties.

So with a critical election ten months away, Republicans will take our cause of growth and opportunity to every corner of the state. We will listen to people’s dreams, their concerns, and, yes, their criticism. And we will lead.

Republicans will work to bring Minnesota together around what we know is right for our future. And to every Minnesotan, including our friends on the other side of the aisle, we will say “join us”.

If you will believe every child should be able to attend a successful school, join us!

If you want sensible healthcare reforms that actually reduce costs and improve care, join us!

If you agree we must reduce government spending so we don’t leave an immoral debt burden to our kids, join us!

If you want economic growth and better job prospects for workers, and agree the disparities for minorities are unacceptable, join us!

If you have compassion for the poor and believe strong families and opportunity are the solution, join us!

If you care about our traditional Minnesota conservation ethic and support energy independence, join us!

If you think businesses, especially small ones, need a lower cost of government and less interference, join us!

If you believe we need to fairly balance the interests of greater Minnesota and the Metro, join us!

If you want the government to stay out of your private information and defend your constitutional rights, join us!

These are our causes, and they are Minnesota’s. Republicans will be on the side of the people with solutions that work. The ‘next’ Republican Party of Minnesota is committed to working with Minnesotans from every walk of life to tackle our biggest challenges.

It’s not about me, nor about you, but because we share a common desire for the renewal of our state and our country, with a return to what works, and most importantly for what elevates the human condition and allows free people to exercise their God-given liberty and realize their potential in life.

For all of this, and it is SO MUCH, I am asking you to stay positive, to remain bullish about our future, and to hang together for the long haul.

Abraham Lincoln said, “A good leader is one in whom we have confidence. A great leader is one who instills confidence in ourselves.” That sums up the essence of our challenge doesn’t it: regaining our country’s confidence in itself.

Each of us needs to be that kind of leader. You are the most important person to make it happen.

And with leadership like that from our Party, I believe Minnesota Republicans can have a resounding victory in November – not for ourselves, but for the people of our state.

The preamble to our state Constitution reads, “We, the people of the state of Minnesota, grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings and secure the same to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution.”

Our ancestors ordained and established; now it is ours to secure and perpetuate. What an opportunity we have!

Sincere Regards,

Keith Downey, Chairman
Republican Party of Minnesota

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