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Get your Kowalski for State Representative yard sign

Kowalski yard sign

Kowalski yard sign

Kowalski for State Representative yard signs are starting to pop up around district 54A.

If you live in Minnesota House District 54A (see map), you can request a sign by emailing Matthew at

When it comes to putting up campaign signs, there are several ordinances, laws, and common sense rules to follow.

Some cities have ordinances restricting the placement of lawn signs. However, this is a general election year and these ordinances are overruled by Minnesota Statutes 211B.045 for the period that begins June 27, 2104 and ends November 14, 2014. During this period, campaign signs may be posted in any size and number.

Campagin signs may not be placed in any location, though. The Minnesota Outdoor Advertising Control Act (MN Statutes, section 173.15) prohibits erecting signs on private land without the consent of the owner or occupant, on public utility poles, and on trees or shrubs. State statute section 160.2715 prohibits the placement of signs within the limits of any highway or roadway in MN.

In Cottage Grove, the Public Works Deptartment will be removing signs that violate the regulations. Signs are not permitted on public property. Signs should not obstruct the safe view from any driveway or street. Signs may be placed on city right-of-way only if the sign is more than 10 feet from the street curb or more than two feet from the edge of the sidewalk, whichever is farthest from the street curb. Signs are NOT permitted on state or county rights-of-way.

MNDOT letter to candidates for public office
– Cottage Grove campaign sign regulations. Here and here.

Kowalski for State Representative yard sign. Photo credit Pat Barnum.

Kowalski for State Representative yard sign. Photo credit Pat Barnum.

Get your sample ballot here

Official Sample Ballot Endorsed Republican Primary CandidatesHere is a copy of the official MNGOP sample ballot listing the endorsed Republican primary candidates.

Don’t forget to vote on August 12, 2014.

Many folks received a copy of this sample ballot in the mail last week. In case you missed it, the MNGOP-endorsed candidates are Mike McFadden for US Senator, Jeff Johnson for Governor, Dan Severson for Secretary of State, Randy Gilbert for State Auditor, and Scott Newmann for Attorney General.

If you’d like to see a copy of the real ballot used at your precinct, go to and enter your address.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!

Important message from the BPOU chairs of CD 2

MN_GOP_logoDear fellow Republicans,

We thought it important to write you on the importance of uniting to defeat destructive one party Democrat control of Minnesota. All the BPOU Chairs in the 2nd Congressional District stand united behind our endorsed candidates.

We ask you to stand with us and defend your endorsement.

The Republican endorsement matters because it ensures we have the best candidate who has the best chance of uniting all Minnesotans to put an end to the one-party rule that puts politics ahead of people.

We ask you to vote for:

Jeff Johnson for Governor
Mike McFadden for Senate
Scott Newman for Attorney General

Please consider making Get Out the Vote calls for our candidates:

Eagan Victory Office
Address: 3090 Courthouse Ln., Eagan, MN 55121
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 1pm-7pm
Contact: Jesse Huber 703-969-9689,

Lakeville Victory Office
Address: 20779 Holyoke Ave, Suite 100, Lakeville MN 55044
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 1pm-7pm
Contact: Hannah Holm 612-352-7707,
Sign Up Online:


Teresa Whitson
Chair, Goodhue County

Rob Yost
Chair, Scott County

Brian Keller
Chair, Wabasha County

Jason Kocina
Chair, Rice County

Larry Sachi
Chair, HD 52A

Sally English,
Chair, HD 52B

Jeff Schuette
Chair, SD 51

Chad Rediske
Chair, SD 54

Jackson Harvey
Chair, SD 56

Pat Staley
Chair, SD 57

Randy Pronschinske
Chair, SD 58

P.S. Vote August 12th! To find your polling place go to:

Denny McNamara and Matthew Kowalski earn high ratings from Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance



Matthew Kowalski, HD54A, earned an A-.
Denny McNamara, HD54B, earned an A.

During election cycles, GOCRA evaluates Minnesota candidates to determine their positions on issues of importance to gun owners, and all defenders of liberty. They examine voting records of incumbents, send questionnaires to all candidates, and review candidates’ public statements and actions. They use this research to produce candidate grades.

To McNamara’s credit, GOCRA noted that McNamara co-authored criminal control legislation in 2013/2014 (HF1325). GOCRA supported this legislation. (Details)

Kowalski’s grade was based on his answers to GOCRA’s 2014 Candidate Questionnaire (Details)

Both McNamara and Kowalski earn high ratings from GOCRA.

Both McNamara and Kowalski earn high ratings from GOCRA.

McNamara’s and Kowalski’s opponents Don Slaten and Dan Schoen earned an F and a D+.

Counting against Dan Schoen, GOCRA noted that Schoen authored gun control legislation in 2013/2014. (Details)

Don Slaten failed to complete the 2014 Candidate Questionnaire. GOCRA says: “Our experience is that candidates who do not return surveys may be hiding their positions, and often vote against gun owners.” (Details)

For more information:
– GOCRA Minnesota House Candidate Ratings 2014

Visit Matthew Kowalski’s website where you can learn more about candidate Kowalski and DONATE to his campaign.

Visit Denny McNamara’s website where you can learn more about representative McNamara and DONATE to his campaign.

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee endorses House District 54A candidate Matthew Kowalski



The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC) has endorsed Matthew Kowalski’s campaign as State Representative in MN House District 54A.

The organization is a non-partisan single-issue political action committee focused on supporting state and federal candidates that are strong supporters of second amendment civil rights.

Each election cycle, the MNGOPAC evaluates candidates for offices that have a strong impact on the constitutional rights of Minnesota’s 2.5 million gun owners.

Races are reviewed based on a number of factors, including the public statements and past records of candidates, the candidate surveys, previous votes, and the amount of leadership shown on advancing the rights of gun owners by each candidate.

Visit Matthew Kowalski’s website where you can learn more about candidate Kowalski and DONATE to his campaign.

For more information:
– Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee – Endorsements
– MNGOPAC announces endorsements in 78 MN House Districts