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Rep Denny McNamara’s Capitol Update: I want to share these survey results with you.

Representative Denny McNamara

Representative Denny McNamara

By Rep. Denny McNamara, 3/28/2014

Hello from St. Paul,

Earlier this year, I sent out my annual session survey and asked area residents to complete it. I wanted to learn how they felt about the direction our state is headed, as well as their thoughts on topics that were likely to be debated at the Capitol this year.

Hundreds of you responded, and I wanted to share some of the results with you.

The Sunday liquor sales topic has been around for years, and is highly controversial for communities like ours that live along state borders. As most are aware, you are not able to buy alcohol in the State of Minnesota on Sundays, frustrating many area liquor store operators because they are unable to compete with neighboring states for Sunday alcohol sales business.

On the flip side, other lawmakers believe allowing Sunday sales would hurt small scale liquor store owners across the state, thinking they might even lose money (along with time with their families) if they felt compelled to stay open seven days a week.

Republicans and Democrats in the House appear on both sides of this debate, and so did my survey respondents, as 58 percent felt Minnesota liquor stores should be able to open on Sundays.

As Republican lead on the House Environment Finance Committee, I’ve also heard the debate on a bill that would provide Minnesotans with a ten-cent refund for each beverage container they recycled. If approved, it also means the price for a gallon of milk and a bottle of juice, pop, beer or wine will rise by ten cents in order to pay for that potential refund.

Proponents say the bill would entice Minnesotans to turn in their beverage bottles instead of throwing money away. They also believe the program will create jobs because hundreds of redemption centers will need to be created in order to handle the drop-off traffic.

Those who dislike the legislation point out that individual recycling rates are already strong in Minnesota, and they do not want what amounts to a ten-cent per bottle tax placed on every beverage consumers drink. They also point out the operational cost – $29 million annually – and the hassle of being forced to keep bags of bottles in your garage, along with driving them all to a collections center, in order to get your refund.

Survey respondents didn’t like the idea either, as nearly 77 percent would like to leave our recycling programs alone.

Then there’s the brand new, $90 million Senate Office Building proposal. The legislative majority inserted a provision into a taxes bill last session that provided $90 million in financing for a new office building and parking lot near the State Capitol. The complex wouldn’t even house all state senators and their staff.

Supporters argue the new building is necessary because senators are temporarily losing office space while Capitol renovations are being made. They also feel additional meeting spaces are needed.

Opponents feel that we should be able to find temporary housing for state senators without creating a brand new building. They also think lawmakers should be able to find better things to do with $90 million.

The final tally from survey respondents on this issue wasn’t close. Nearly 95 percent say this was a bad legislative decision.

My thanks to all who responded to the survey. If you’d like to see results for the remaining questions, please visit my legislative website by clicking here, and then click on “2014 Survey Results.”

Have a great weekend,

Representative Denny McNamara
359 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

HD 54B Republicans endorse Denny McNamara for MN House of Representatives

MN House of Representatives District 54A Rep Denny McNamara

Rep. Denny McNamara addresses HD 54A convention delegates.

On Saturday at the Senate District 54 convention, delegates from House District 54B endorsed Denny McNamara as their candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

An incumbent, Denny McNamara is in his 6th term as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. McNamara serves on the Environment Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Committee, the Environment and Natural Resources Policy Committee, and on the House Ways and Means Committee.

McNamara and his wife Lynne have two grown children and live in Hastings. He is a former small business owner.

Denny McNamara will be running for relection in Minnesota House District 54B which includes Afton, part of Cottage Grove, Denmark Township, Hastings, and Nininger Township in Dakota and Washington counties in the southeastern part of the Twin Cities metro area.

Contact Representative McNamara at or by phone at 651-437-2597.

For more info, go to:

Let us all work hard to support Denny and his campaign!

Matthew Kowalski: Thank you

Matthew Kowalski, Candidate for Minnesota House District 54A

Matthew Kowalski, Candidate for Minnesota House District 54A

by Matthew Kowalski

Thank you to the SD54 Republicans and especially the delegates of HD54A for their endorsement. We can win this election because freedom from government control really does work better for everyone, and people are waking up to that fact in increasing numbers. My opponent’s track record indicates that this race will present a clear contrast for voters. You can choose between living your life as you see fit (a vote for me), or having your life controlled more by the government (a vote for Dan Schoen).

You will get to decide this November!

Take care,

Take a few moments to learn more about Matthew here:

Freedom Works Better

HD 54A Republicans endorse Matthew Kowalski for MN House of Representatives

Matthew Kowalski for Minnesota House District 54A

Matthew Kowalski

On Saturday at the Senate District 54 convention, delegates from House District 54A endorsed Matthew Kowalski as their candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Matthew lives in Cottage Grove, is married, and has two small children. He is a sales manager, a golf professional, and he serves as a board member for the Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority. He says that he is not related to the Kowalski grocery store owners.

Kowalski’s message is “Freedom works better”. He promises to work hard to ensure that government will protect freedom instead of increasing the amount of control it has over our lives. He says “You and your neighbors can better determine how you should live your lives than any government bureaucrat or agency could ever dream of”. Kowalski believes that individuals working together to better the lives of their families and communities is the best way to progress to a higher standard of living for everyone.

A candidate for Cottage Grove city council in 2012, Kowalski door-knocked only a fraction of Cottage Grove and still came within 875 votes of unseating an incumbent candidate. He discovered that people were receptive to his message. This motivates him to get door-knocking and take his message to everyone in the district and ultimately win in November.

Matthew Kowalski is seeking election to the Minnesota House of Representatives from district 54A which includes Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park, South St. Paul, and Grey Cloud Island.

Matthew would love to hear from you! Email him at

For more info go to:

Website —
Facebook —
Twitter —

Let us all work hard to support Matthew and his campaign!

Learn more about the candidates who addressed our convention today.

Thank YouThank you to all the candidates who addressed our BPOU organizing convention earlier today.

We had 21 candidates, including candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, Secretary of State, State Auditor, and local races, speak to us today.

Want to learn more about these candidates?
Visit their websites linked below.

Marty Siefert for Governor

Dave Thompson for Governor

Ryan Love for MN GOP Deputy Chair

John Howe for Secretary of State

John Kline for U.S. Congress

Chris Dahlberg for U.S. Senate

Scott Honor for Governor

Jeff Johnson for Governor

David Gerson for U.S. Congress

Sharna Wahlgren for U.S. Congress

Jim Abeler for U.S. Senate

Monti Moreno for U.S. Senate

Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate

Julianne Ortman for U.S. Senate

Randy Gilbert for State Auditor

Denny McNamara for MN House of Representatives

Matthew Kowalski for MN House of Representatives

Autumn Lehrke Washington County Comissioner

Thank you candidates! It was great to meet you and talk with you at our convention.