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Watch this video from Twin Cities Public Televison about the HD54A race featuring Republican Derrick Lehrke

On Friday night our HD54A candidate Derrick Lehrke appeared on Twin Cities Public television. Almanac’s Mary Lahammer profiled the legislative race for House District 54A between Derrick Lehrke and his opponent. MN House District 54A includes the communities of Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park, South St. Paul, and Grey Cloud Island.

Derrick Lehrke GOP legislative candidate appears on TPT Almanac

Click to view video. Length: 4 minutes, 29 seconds.

Almanac is a weekly public-affairs television series produced by Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) in St. Paul, Minnesota and distributed to other channels around the state via Minnesota Public Television (MPTV).

Visit the Almanac website

See these for more info about Derrick Lehrke:

Derrick Lehrke campaign website

Like Derrick Lehrke for House on Facebook

Follow Derrick Lehrke on Twitter

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Janis Quinlan for Senate lit drop in Cottage Grove on Sept 29

Senate District 54 Volunteers NeededHere is your chance to get a free lunch! See below.

You’ve observed the wacky actions and behavior of Governor Dayton and you don’t like it. To keep the governor in check, you know that Republicans need win control of both the Minnesota State House of Representatives and the Minnesota State Senate. You’ve told all your friends that something needs to be done…

Here is your chance to do something about it.

Donate a few hours of your time and do your part in making sure Republicans win a majority in the State Senate.

Your time is VALUABLE and NECESSARY to the candidates.

Janis Quinlan, our candidate for State Senate district 54 needs a couple hours of your time on Saturday, September 29.

She needs AS MANY VOLUNTEERS AS SHE CAN GET for help with a lit drop in Cottage Grove.

Send an email to and tell Janis you want to help with the lit drop on the 29th.

Here are the details:

Saturday, Sept 29
Shift One – 9:45 am to 2:00 pm
Shift Two – 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Volunteer for both shifts!

Meet in the Rainbow Foods parking lot

The first shift will meet at 9:45 a.m. in the Rainbow Foods parking lot, and will stop working at 2:00 p.m. for lunch.

Volunteers for the first and second shift are invited to join us for lunch at 2:00 p.m.

After lunch the second shift will go out and will be done by 7:00 p.m.

Join us for an hour or the entire day. We cannot win this election without you!

What is a lit drop?

A “lit drop” is short for “literature drop,” when a political candidate delivers campaign materials to the doors of targeted voters. Staff and volunteers canvass a neighborhood delivering campaign materials to each residence. Unlike going door to door, these volunteers won’t be required to speak with the voters whose houses they go to, so lit drops are great activities for volunteers who don’t feel comfortable speaking in public or going door to door. Literature drops are an integral part of Janis’ strategy for getting her message out to the voters. She uses lit drops to spread her message, raise name recognition, and persuade the voters to vote for her.

Send an email to for more information.

Janis Quinlan for State Senate literature piece, front. Click image to view larger version.

Quinlan for State Senate literature piece, back. Click image to enlarge.

Janis Quinlan for Senate campaign website

Like Janis Quinlan for Senate on Facebook

Follow Janis Quinlan for Senate on Twitter

South Saint Paul Republicans endorse Marschinke, Meck, and Schaefer for city council

Vote Marschinke, Meck, and Schaefer for South Saint PaulOn September 14, 2012, South Saint Paul members of the Senate Districts 54 and 52 delegations gathered at the Croatian Hall for purpose of considering endorsement of our city council candidates. On an 11-1 vote, we approved the Republican endorsement of Shawn Meck, Mike Marschinke, and Nick Schaefer. The three of them are running on pro-business, Republican principles, trying to spur growth and eliminate waste in the city’s government.

From the Marschinke, Meck and Schaefer for SSP Facebook page:

We are three like-minded residents whom share a passion for our community and the wonderful City of South St. Paul. We, like many other residents, have many questions about the financial decisions that have been made by the current and past council members. We see that the burden continues to grow for the homeowners by imposing growing property taxes to pay for an abundance of questionable spending. While the city is under a burden of unprecedented debt, the status quo remains…raise taxes, spend more. We can see that the more debt the city accrues, the bleaker the outlook becomes for future generations and residents of South Saint Paul. We ask that on November 6, 2012, you don’t just choose to vote out those responsible for our current woes. We ask that you vote for three men who have a vision of greatness for our city. We thank you for your support and hope you let a friend know about the bright future for South Saint Paul!

Challenging the council’s longtime incumbents, Meck, Marschinke, and Schaefer have a strong knowledge of the city’s budget and activities, but will need our support to make their vision a reality. Please join me in lending help from the district to ensure our cities follow the fiscal discipline and responsibility we expect from our county and state governments as well.

Go on Facebook and “Like” Marschinke, Meck and Schaefer for SSP.

Visit the The official homepage of the campaign for Mike Marschinke, Shawn Meck, and Nick Schaefer for South St. Paul City Council.

Attend this meet and greet dinner with Rep Denny McNamara and SD54 candidate Janis Quinlan

Join State Representative Denny McNamara in support of a Meet and Greet Dinner with Janis Quinlan at the Green Mill in Hastings, Minnesota.

The event will be taking place on Wednesday, September 26th, from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Dinner and drinks will be served, and a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or $250 is suggested, although you are encouraged to give what you are able.


The Green Mill
909 Vermillion Street
Hastings, Minnesota, 55033

See this event page on Facebook

YOUR ATTENDANCE IS NEEDED: Special SD 54 Full Committee Meeting, Monday, 24 September 2012

We got word that the Point will be closed on the 24th. The meeting has been moved to Perkins in Cottage Grove (Hwy 61 and 80th). Same time, different place.

The following message is from our newly appointed SD 54 Republicans Chair Terry Flower:

Members of the Executive Committee and Precinct Chairs,

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Terry Flower. I have been active in Minnesota politics for the past 32 years and last week was appointed to the position of Chair of SD 54. This was preceded by the resignation of Mike Fouts who is currently immersed in a campaign for Cottage Grove City Council. I do and I am sure the rest of the Senate District also wishes him well in his campaign and we thank him for his service to the Senate District.

One last act Mike performed as chair was to call a special meeting for Monday, 24 September 2012. This will be held at the Point Restaurant at 7:00 PM. Our loyal secretary, Pedro Trost, has made reservations for the meeting. Please note that one, this a special meeting, not a regularly scheduled one. It is called with only a month or so to go before the election. Secondly, it is not an Executive Board Meeting. It is a Full Committee Meeting meaning all Precinct Chairs in addition to senate and house district officers are expected to be present. Friends, this is arguably one of the most important elections in our lifetimes. If you think Greece is the only country in trouble, think again. Thanks to our totally incompetent president we are approaching in the limit the same conditions that could lead to insolvency. Instead of recognizing American exceptionalism he promotes self-exceptionalism (on his bended knee.) We have no choice. We have to defeat Obama, overturn Obamacare and get spending under control. We have to get the spending by our state under control as well. That means we have to elect a Republican House and Senate in this great state. That means Janice Quinlan, Derrick Lerhke and Denny McNamara must be elected.

I am inviting all three campaigns to send representatives with signs, literature, etc. Any delegate or alternate is welcome. I am a firm believer that elections are won or lost in the precinct. Precincts do indeed matter and we need all Precinct Chairs to come on Monday night. Now I know there are some problems with this request. One is the fact that I do not have complete lists of everyone who is a Precinct Officer so I certainly will miss someone. Please, I implore you to get the word out and invite anyone who is a Precinct Chair and might have been missed to join us. Come on, we only have a month before the election. In spite of past or present problems, we need to work together and get the job done.

I don’t care who has supported who in the past, right now we have endorsed candidates to elect. Please help me in this endeavor. There is another major major problem. The meeting has been called for 24 September. Right now, the river bridge may still be closed then. This means that the Cottage Grove people will have no trouble getting to the Point but the Hastings and Nininger people will. This will be an even bigger challenge than we could have imagined. I could have simply cancelled the meeting but it was scheduled, the word is out and there is an alternate way to get around the bridge. I live in Nininger so my wife and I will have to drive west through Inver Grove, cross the river in South St. Paul, and come down 61 to the Point. I know that will be problematic for some, but let’s grin and bear it. Just think, we will have a war story to tell about how committed we were to drive an extra ten miles to get there.

Please invite everyone you can to join us. This will be a working meeting where we help campaigns approach our individual precincts. I already mentioned how important precincts are to winning an election. Campaign chairs know their precincts, who is a pinko lib and who is conservative. They can help door knocking go smoothly or miserably.

The meeting starts at 7:00 but you can order dinner at the Point or a cup of coffee. I will personally provide a prize for the precinct with the highest percent of Republican votes on Nov 6th. Of course I think that will be Nininger but can your precinct beat us?

Please, be there. If you cannot be there, send a representative. In February we elected delgates and alternates as well as precinct officers. It means each precinct can be represented. If you care, be there!

God bless you all for everything you are doing for this election. It is important and we have a short time. Heck, we can stand on our heads for that time! Thank you.


Terry Flower
Chair, SD 54

P.S. I intend to miss no one but I am sure we have. Please pass this on to a neighboring precinct. Use your phone and call.

P.P.S. Thank you for your attendance on Monday.