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What’s with this Senate District 54? I thought we were in SD57!

Here are a couple Questions and Answers regarding Minnesota’s legislative redistricting plan:

Q: What happened?

A: We’ve been redistricted. Redistricting is the process of redrawing the boundaries of election districts to ensure that the people of each district are equally represented. In Minnesota, Redistricting takes place every 10 years following the decennial Census. Congressional and legislative districts (both MN House and Senate) statewide will change, at least to some degree. This year, the redistricting plan was released on February 21, and the new, redistricted boundaries are in effect as of the state primary on August 14, 2012.

Q: I used to be in senate district 57. Am I still in SD57?

A: No. The old Senate District 57 no longer exists. The redistricting plan abolished the existing Congressional and legislative districts and established all new districts throughout the state. Some of the new districts retain similar boundaries and similar names as their old districts, but many of the new districts have new boundaries and new names. Hastings, Cottage Grove, St Paul Park, and most of the communities in the old Senate District 57 are now located in the new Senate District 54.

Q: I see that there is still a Senate District 57. But you said it was abolished. What’s up with that?

A: You are seeing the NEW SD57. The new Senate District 57 is centered around Apple Valley and Rosemount. Most of that area used to be SD37.

Q: What happens to the old SD57 BPOU leadership?

A: Upon implementation of new Congressional and Legislative districts, the Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Units (BPOUs) organized on the basis of previous district lines have been dissolved. A senate district organizing convention will be held on March 31. The old SD57 BPOU chair Kellie Eigenheer has been appointed to lead a Convention Arrangements Committee tasked with organizing the convention. Among the order of business at the convention will be the adoption of a new BPOU constitution and the election of a new BPOU Executive Committee. FYI, the SD54 convention will be held Saturday, March 31, starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Hastings High School auditorium.

Q: What happens to our representatives Denny McNamara, John Kriesel, and Sen Katie Sieben?

A: They will serve the remainder of their terms as representatives of the old SD57. All seats in the MN House and Senate will be up for election in 2012 under the new district boundaries. Both of our reps and our senator live in the new Senate District 54 and we expect that they will file to run for office again. Of course, we are hopeful that Sen Sieben will be defeated by our Republican candidate.

Q: Where can I go to read more about this?

A: Start with these:

If you are looking for even more information, try Googling “minnesota redistricting plan 2012”. That will get you about 5,700,000 results.

Senate District 54 Convention on March 31

Senate District 54 Republicans BPOU Convention March 31

An official convention call letter will be mailed in March to all delegates and alternates.

To Delegates and Alternates in the Senate District 54 Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit (BPOU).

Pursuant to the constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota and pursuant to the Official 2012 call for the Republican Party of Minnesota BPOU Conventions issued by the Republican Party of Minnesota State Executive Committee, the SD54 Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit is hereby called to meet at Hastings High School (Auditorium), 200 General Sieben Drive, Hastings, Minnesota on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.

The Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit shall be composed of delegates and alternates selected by the Precinct Caucuses on February 7th, 2012.

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at 9:30 a.m. Registration at the door will be $15.00 for all delegates, alternates, and guests.

The convention shall be held for the purpose of:

1. Determine the structure of the BPOU – Organize by Senate District or House Districts
2. Adoption of BPOU Constitution
3. Consideration of resolutions to the Republican Party of MN Platform
4. Consideration of endorsement of candidates
5. Election of State and Congressional District delegates and alternates – 2 year terms
6. Election of BPOU Board positions
7. Transaction of other business as may properly come before the convention

For more information please contact the Chair of the Convention Arrangements Committee:

Kellie Eigenheer

NOTE: A quorum is needed to transact any business. Your attendance is extremely important.

Precinct Caucuses a Success!

This is a quick post to thank everyone who attended our 2012 precinct caucuses. Thanks to you, this was an unusually productive caucus night!

Thank you to the caucus conveners and all the volunteers who worked so hard planning and running the caucus meetings. You did a great job!

We accomplished a lot on caucus night. In our caucus sites in Cottage Grove, Hastings, and South Saint Paul:

– You elected 339 delegates and alternates to the senate district BPOU convention.

– You elected 71 precinct officers for the precincts in SD57.

– More than 630 people voted in our presidential preference poll.

– You discussed and voted on 45 proposed resolutions for the Republican Party of Minnesota’s standing platform.

– We had 82 people sign up to be election judges.

– More than 90 new volunteers signed on to help our Republican candidates win in November.

The future of our party, our state, and our country belongs to those who show up and participate. With outstanding people like you participating and volunteering, we are confident that Republicans will prevail in November and we will put our state and our nation back on track.

Update from Rep John Kriesel

Representative John Kriesel (R) District 57A

Representative John Kriesel (R) District 57A

By Rep. John Kriesel (57A)


On Tuesday, the Minnesota Courts released a new congressional and legislative map. Redistricting happens once every ten years due to population changes in the state, and the new maps go into effect next January. I am looking forward to continuing to represent the residents of Cottage Grove, South St. Paul, St. Paul Park, Newport, and Grey Cloud Island during the 2012 session; it is an honor to be able to represent you in St. Paul. If you would like more information on the new maps or redistricting, please click here.

Yesterday I presented HF1744 to the House Committee on Public Safety. This bill authorizes the sale and use of consumer fireworks and reduces regulations imposed on the sale of sparkling devices and novelties. HF1744 passed the committee and was featured last night on a few local news stations. Click here to watch a story aired last night on Fox 9 about the fireworks bill.

Yesterday Governor Dayton signed one of our Reform 2.0 initiatives, HF 1770 into law. The bill passed both the House and Senate with huge bipartisan support and is a very positive reform measure for our schools. HF 1770 requires teacher candidates to take and pass a basic skills exam before receiving their teaching license in Minnesota. The new measure gives parents and guardians peace of mind, knowing the teachers in our local schools are qualified to be there.

Next Monday, I will be presenting two bills in the House Committee on Veteran Services:
HF2366 Special veterans’ plates service branch designs added.
HF2100 Veterans and spouses of a disabled or deceased veteran hiring and promotion preference by private employer permitted.

Enjoy your weekend,
John Kriesel

Representative John Kriesel
Dist. 57A
Vice-Chair: Veterans Services Division Committee, Capital Investment Committee, Judiciary Policy and Finance Committee, Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy and Finance Committee
451 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155


Minnesota Senate District 54

Senate District 54

Minnesota House District 54A

House District 54A

Minnesota House District 54B

House District 54B

The new legislative maps released earlier today assign most of our district to a newly-formulated Senate District 54. However, one critical change assigns St. Mary’s Point to Senate District 39. This is extremely disappointing because St. Mary’s Point resident Karin Housley had planned to run against SD57 Senator Katie Sieben again in 2012. The new maps put Housley in a different district.

Read more about it in this article in the South Washing County Bulletin:
Legislative redistricting keeps most of south Washington County together; Housley bumped from district