12 Reasons You Should Attend Your Republican Precinct Caucus Meeting

12 Reasons You Should Attend the 2012 Minnesota Republican CaucusesThe caucuses are three weeks from today, here are 12 reasons you should attend.

12. You didn’t get the change you where looking for with our current governor. The caucuses are the first step for Minnesota electing a Republican governor.

11. You’ve never been to a caucus before and you want to see what it is all about.

10. You want to see a change in our Party or our candidates. Precinct caucuses are your chance to make your voice heard.

9. The future of our Party and our state belongs to those who show up. So show up.

8. You want to tell our elected leaders that you take seriously the way they vote and the positions they hold. If Minnesota has a record number of caucus attendees, our politicians will get the message and they’ll respond.

7. You will have an opportunity to formally voice your opinions on the issues facing Minnesota today.

6. You want to become more involved with the local Republican Party and learn more about how you can help our candidates win.

5. You want to propose changes to the Republican Party of Minnesota platform.

4. You can become a precinct officer.

3. We need you to sign up to be an election judge.

2. You can support your favorite candidates — cast your votes in the straw polls.

And the number one reason you should attend the caucus…

1. You want to be elected as a delegate to the Senate district convention and have a voice in endorsing our candidates.

Bonus Reason:
Only you can block your crazy brother-in-law Larry from becoming a delegate.

– – –

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to reserve the evening of Tuesday, February 4 for the Republican party precinct caucuses. Caucuses start promptly at 7:00 p.m. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early.

Don’t know where your caucus will be held? Use this caucus finder*.

*NOTE: The Republican party precinct caucuses for precincts in Hastings, Nininger Township, Denmark Township, and Afton will be held at the HASTINGS HIGH SCHOOL, not at the Middle School. We will try to get this error corrected with the Secretary of State’s website.

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